Why are Motorcycle GPS so Expensive

why are motorcycle gps so expensive

For security reasons and other purposes, a lot of motorcycle owners are now installing GPS devices in their precious investments. The high demand for GPS also increases the brands manufacturing the device, sharing similar functionalities and features. Another commonality of these various GPS brands is the high price.

So, why are motorcycle GPS so expensive? One of the reasons why it is costly is the type of hardware being used. Since motorcycle GPS is exposed during the ride, it should be built to last and must have weatherproofing features making it more expensive compared to the car GPS. Other reasons for the high price will be listed below.


Manufacturing Quality

The first and probably most obvious reason the GPS for motorcycles is expensive is the manufacturing quality. The thing is, are motorcycle GPS worth it? Yes, it is. With the manufacturing quality it is made, the price is all worth it.

The GPS of a motorcycle is built differently from a car GPS. In a motorcycle GPS, the materials must be high quality because the device will be exposed to external conditions during the ride. Hence, the GPS device for motorcycles uses special hardware that protects it from the outside conditions.

You will probably see a lot of GPS brands for motorcycles that provide waterproofing or even weatherproofing features. These features are needed to ensure that the GPS works fine under challenging conditions when installed in a motorcycle.

Added Feature and Functionalities

As mentioned, a dedicated GPS for motorcycles is expensive as it needs ruggedness and rainproofing to withstand the challenge of the outside environment. But apart from having excellent manufacturing quality, the device is also equipped with a lot of added functionalities and features.

Display Functionalities

price of the motorcycle gps

With a car GPS, the touchscreen feature of GPS works wonders for the driver. However, this touch-screen feature will not work when the hand is using gloves. On the other hand, a dedicated GPS for a motorcycle can still use the touch-screen function even if the rider has a glove in their hands. The GPS for the motorcycle uses a special display to allow this to happen. Unfortunately, this functionality is also one of the reasons why this device has a high price tag.

Anti-Glaze Feature

Another feature that makes the GPS for motorcycles unique is the anti-glaze feature. Unfortunately, this feature also contributes to the high price of this device. So what is this so-called anti-glaze feature?

Before this feature was invented, seeing the display of the GPS device was hard, especially with the sun’s lighting hitting the device. But with its anti-glaze feature, the visibility has improved by a mile since the feature can trap the glare through circular polarization technology.

Another benefit of having this feature is when you use polarized sunglasses or even a polarized and anti-glazed windshield. The display coming from the GPS is more transparent compared to the standard GPS. In addition, this feature also protects against scratches and burnout because of exposure to UV rays.

This anti-glare technology is special and will help make the ride more comfortable using GPS. However, this feature is above and beyond what you can get with a normal GPS, making it a factor contributing to its high price.

Special Map Features

Another feature that contributes to the high price of the motorcycle GPS is the special map feature. These GPS devices come with maps that are loaded into the device to make the functionalities of the GPS device easier. Unfortunately, the creator of these maps charged the manufacturer for all the information provided.

With the additional fees, it is understandable that the manufacturer will pass these extra payments to the consumers. So, the special map functionalities are one of the reasons for the high price of the motorcycle GPS.

Special Mount

high price motorcycle gps

All dedicated motorcycle GPS devices come with a special mount that will be used to secure the device once installed in the motorcycle. However, this mount is not the same as the standard mounts being used with regular GPS.

Most GPS mounts for motorcycles are made of high-quality metals and use bolts when installed on the motorcycle. Most of these mounts are non-corrosive and made for heavy-duty usage, which is needed when used on the motorcycle.

Special Power Cable and other Features

Some top-of-the-line GPS devices for motorcycles use a power cable that provides a lot of functionalities to the user. This particular cable is a hard wire that is built with a fuse on the audio port. This part will be used in connecting a headset.

Again, these devices provide specific software that caters only to motorcycle riding users. Some of these features include the Bluetooth feature of the helmet and a pressure monitor sensor. Again, these special features can be found only in those famous brands, but these features certainly contribute to the price of the motorcycle GPS.


Installing a motorcycle GPS can bring substantial benefits to your ride with all its features. However, these features are also the reason why these devices are expensive. Knowing why are motorcycle GPS so expensive is normal because comparing it to a car GPS, the price has a huge difference. This article provided some of the reasons for the high cost.

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