What GPS Do Truckers Use

what gps do truckers use

More and more people depend on the GPS when navigating unfamiliar destinations. Several types of GPS are intended for the vehicle’s specific needs. For truckers, you cannot just rely on personalized GPS or a navigation system made for normal vehicles because it does not fit the requirements when traveling in trucks.

So, what GPS do truckers use? A perfect navigation system for truckers is a truck-specific GPS navigation system. A GPS device intended for trucks will provide information that will make the driving of the truck easier and safer.

Truck GPS Navigation System is Perfect for Truckers

A GPS navigation system built for trucks is the best GPS for truckers. This device will identify roads restricted to trucks and roads with weight, height, and other cargo restrictions. Using this truck-specific GPS will allow navigating safely on the streets by directing the best possible routes for your truck.

A truck driver relying on a personal GPS device or a device intended for regular cars will be too dangerous. This type of GPS may provide the shortest and quickest routes but will not provide other relevant information needed for the truckers. Please see the benefits of using a truck GPS below:

Shows Truck-Restricted Roads

For example, this type of GPS does not have adequate truck-specific mapping data that are important to the drivers. A truck GPS features a list of as many as 700,000 miles of truck-restricted roads, which the personalized car GPS does not provide.

Some Truck GPS has a built-in breakdown directory from the National Truck and Trailer Services. This information is essential to truck drivers as it provides different routes in various states based on the truck’s height, length, width, weight, and hazardous content.

Among the prominent GPS devices built for trucks include WoldNav Truck GPS, Garmin 465T Truck GPS, Cobra7700 Pro Truck GPS, and the Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 500. These GPS devices are built to help truck drivers navigate their routes easily.

Provides Specific Truck GPS Solutions

Another benefit of truck GPS devices is the ability to provide truck GPS solutions. This feature will allow the GPS to navigate the routes using the truck’s information, such as the truck type, height, length, weight, width, and hazard load restrictions.

The truck driver will only need to enter all the truck’s dimensions and the load restrictions or the multiple routing options to select the most efficient routes, including the multiple stops during the trip. The driver will receive instructions on navigating the road quickly.

Reduction of Oil Spending

Another benefit of using a truck GPS is the reduction of oil spending on the truck. This situation will happen as the GPS will choose the most efficient route for the destination, which will benefit the truck’s fuel consumption.

The truck GPS will provide optimized routing while also increasing the driver’s accountability during the trip. This feature will also help prevent speeding and too much idling of the drivers since the device can track service hours, including overtime.

Increase Driver’s Safety and Productivity

The GPS driving system will also help enhance the driver’s safety during the trip. When the driving activity is being tracked, it will help improve the driver’s poor driving habits and eventually correct them in the future.

The truck GPS will also help maximize the driver’s productivity by providing the most efficient route towards their destination. The device will enable the driver to choose the closest route and allow the truck to reach the destination in the shortest possible time.

Enhances Road Awareness

The truck GPS will also help enhance every driver’s road awareness with all the information they provide related to the roads. All this information will be helpful to new drivers unfamiliar with the roads.

Other Navigation Tools Used By Truckers

navigation system is perfect for truckers

Besides the truck GPS, truck drivers can use other applications that will help supplement the device’s use to make the trip safer going to a particular location. These navigation tools and mobile app includes:


This mobile app is a community-based app for truckers that features over 90 million drivers. But how will this app help the truckers? This app will provide various information such as police and camera alerts.

Waze will also provide road directions using a voice prompt from celebrities or your voice. It will also assist the truck driver in finding the cheapest gas stations while allowing the connection of fellow truckers.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is another mobile app that helps truckers save fuel and assist in locating possible pit stops. Gas Buddy will connect to truckers and provide the lowest-priced gas available during fuel stops.

Gas Buddy will also provide other valuable information during the trip, like various amenities that are helpful. These amenities include restaurants, restrooms, a parking area, and a shower room. All of this information will be provided to help drivers during the pitch stop.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is an essential app for truckers which will provide weather updates and other related information. The information provided will help the trucker to place the trip in advance and anticipate the weather condition during the trip.


Driving in a truck is not easy, especially if you are not familiar with the roads in the place of your destination. It is a good thing that there is a GPS which helps navigate the road during the trip. But what GPS do truckers use? The truck GPS navigation system helps truck drivers provide truck-relation data that will help them safely navigate the roads of the destination.

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