Other Antennaes

Universal GPS antennas strike a perfect balance between versatility, performance and price. Designed to plug directly into GPS receivers to enhance and boost total reception.

Mighty Mouse Antenna

28dB gain active GPS antenna
max of 5mA current consumption
Input range: 2.5 VDC to 5.5 VDC
3 stage amplifier and band pass filtering
Extreme low power
Magnetic or screw-plate mounting
-40 to +85° C operating range, Fully waterproof
Choice one for the following connectors:
Right-angle connector avaiable

only $89.95

Why settle for an ordinary antenna? The high gain, low battery draw Mighty Mouse provides high performance signal lock in the toughest conditions, and works with most handhelds that have an external antenna jack. Just screw on the appropriate connector, connect to your GPS, and you’re ready to go.



Vortech Reradiating GPS Antenna

GPS devices with small, built-in antennas lose satellite reception in tough conditions. The Vortech Antenna System keeps you locked on by sending boosted signals to your GPS.

Plug the Vortech into a 12 Volt DC outlet and the unique, wide-area reradiator uses the power to transmit an amplified signal to your GPS receiver. Since the Vortech System doesn’t require a direct connection to the GPS, it will work with any model and is ideal for auto, RV and boating applications where roofs and overheads block satellite signals.


Connect the Vortech antenna directly to the GPS antenna jack. Thanks to a universal connector solution and “smart electronics” the Vortech will work with most GPS models. In this application, the power to boost the signals is supplied from the batteries in the GPS– making it ideal for hiking and hunting applications where heavy tree cover and deep canyons cause built-in passive GPS antennas to lose signal.

After all… when the conditions are the toughest, you need your GPS the most.

only $98