Motorcycle GPS vs Car GPS

motorcycle gps vs car gps

A GPS navigation system is now a must-have device when navigating on the road. Whether the GPS is used for motorcycles or cars, one cannot underestimate the importance of having these devices in your vehicle.

But what is the difference between a motorcycle GPS vs car GPS? A motorcycle-intended GPS is more expensive than a car GPS because of its more advanced features and functionalities. Other differences will be listed below:

Point of Difference Motorcycle GPS Car GPS
Price More Expensive Cheaper
Durability More Durable Less Durable
Features More Advanced Less Advanced
Mounting Heavier Lighter



The most obvious difference between these two navigating devices is the price. The GPS specifically made for motorcycles is more expensive than car GPS because of its overall functionalities and features.

You will get the shock-proofing and water-proofing features that are usually needed because of the type of environment a motorcycle has. Most motorcycle GPS are also UV rays proof.

With all the features mentioned above, a dedicated motorcycle GPS is expensive because the manufacturer wants it rugged, rainproof, and has all the functionalities and features that can survive in an open environment when used in a motorcycle.


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When it comes to durability, the GPS for a motorcycle has the advantage for so many reasons. First, the manufacturer must ensure that the GPS can withstand the environment of an open air motorcycle with many threats from various environmental conditions.

The GPD made for motorcycles is also built to be used outside in a high-vibration environment. You might not hear about the car GOS having problems with the vibration, but the outdoor environment is just different in terms of conditions and movement. So, the manufacturers ensure that the GPS for motorcycles is much more durable.

Weatherproofing is also a feature of a dedicated motorcycle GPS. Meaning, it is made to be used regardless of the condition outside, whether it’s rainy or sunny. On the other hand, the car dedicated GPS is manufactured to be used inside the vehicle only.

Functionalities and Features

It is understood that a dedicated GPS for motorcycles has more advanced functionalities and features compared to those used in cars. First, most motorcycle GPS has user-friendly features, which means the devices are manufactured to be easily used by the rider.

A good example is the motorcycle’s GPS glove-friendly feature. With this feature, the motorcycle rider can easily access the GPS even if the rider’s hands have gloves, as the device has the interface to do so. On the other hand, the car GPS needs human touch for the screen to work.

Most dedicated motorcycle GPS also comes with a removable battery, which is very useful for long rides. Other add-on features include a tire pressure reader and fuel tracking, which allows the rider to estimate the maximum fuel distance.


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There are also some differences when it comes to the mounting of these two GPS. The most notable is the weight of the mount. Most of the dedicated motorcycle GPS is on the heavier side compared to the car GPS.

The mount is also more durable and is intended for heavy-duty or rugged usage. This feature is understandable because you need the mount to be tough and rugged because of the threats coming from the various conditions in the motorcycle.

Other Related Information

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With all the differences mentioned above, there are also some similarities between a dedicated motorcycle GPS and a car GPS. For example, most top motorcycle GPS come with map features similar to those with the car GPS.

In addition, both GPS use the same connectivity feature, Bluetooth. But all in all, if you try to check on the functionalities and features of these two GPS, it seems that the dedicated motorcycle has more benefits than the car GPS.

However, a good point to discuss is that some drivers use the car GPS for their motorcycles. Some riders say it’s more economical and works the same compared to the much more expensive motorcycle GPS.

The reasons are valid since most car GPS manufacturers today are building a GPS with the same durability as the motorcycle GPS. It is also worth noting that most motorcycle riders tend not to ride when inclement weather, which makes using the more expensive motorcycle GPS unnecessary. But again, everyone has a different point of view.


Comparing motorcycle GPS vs car GPS allows you to understand the advantage of using a dedicated motorcycle GPS for your ride. Although some riders use a car GPS for their motorcycles, there are advantages and disadvantages to doing so.

Using a dedicated motorcycle GPS for your ride gives you a lot of advantages in terms of features and functionalities. However, this navigating device is more expensive compared to the car GPS. Again, it is your perspective to choose the right GPS for your ride.

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