Magellan vs Tom Tom

magellan vs tom tom

There is no doubt about the importance of having a GPS navigation system in your car. However, the need to select the best GPS is also essential in order for the device to provide the best navigation to the driver. Today, two of the top GPS devices are Magellan and TomTom.

But what is the difference between the two brands? This article will compare Magellan vs TomTom and its benefits to the user. We will also provide other related information to allow the readers to differentiate these two GPS navigation systems.

Features Magellan Tom Tom
Efficiency More Efficient Less Efficient
Accuracy Provides Practical Shorter Routes Provides the Longest Routes
Pricing Less Expensive More Expensive
Screen Quality Good Better
Company Overview Oldest Company More International Reach


The first factor that can be used to compare TomTom vs Magellan is the efficiency of these GPS devices. Magellan uses the NAVTEQ mapping data, providing users with route-specific attributes.

The Magellan brand uses some of its devices with the more advanced topographic maps to help drivers and some outdoor enthusiasts. One particular model is the Magellan Roadmate which employs thousands of road maps and points of interest data that will help the driver navigate and not get lost during the trip.

On the other hand, TomTom uses Tele Atlas in its mapping data which is not as effective compared to the efficiency provided by the Magellan GPS devices. Unfortunately, some of the TomTom models are no longer supported, which means there will be no updates on the mapping data for that particular device.


When it comes to accuracy, you cannot really tell which is better because of the several models of each brand that already have upgraded features. However, TomTom provides the longest routes. It has the ability to tell the routes quickly when compared to Magellan.

For example, the TomTom XL will be the best choice when it comes to drivers who want to avoid traffic jams. The TonTom One XL will make you plan the route using live traffic information. This GPS device will also guide you in navigating on roads with too much traffic.

Meanwhile, the Magellan GPS device has the ability to give the most practical shortest routes. Compared to TomTom, Magellan GPS devices are so easy to use and provide a speed warning feature that will help all the drivers.

A good example is the Magellan Roadmate 1700, which offers multi-destination routing and route optimization features. It also provides maps of the 50 states in the US and other countries such as Canada and Puerto Rico.

tomtom vs magellan


With many models available, you cannot really compare the pricing by using each model. But if we get the cheapest and the most expensive models from each brand, then we can have a clear idea of the pricing in each brand.

As for Magellan GPS devices, the cheapest is around $ 89.99, which is the Magellan Roadmate 2620 – LM. The most expensive Magellan GPS device is the Magellan Roadmate 6630T – LM, which is worth $ 229.99. There are also some models whose prices are in between these two GPS models.

On the other hand, the TomTom model, which has the cheapest pricing, is the TomTom VIA 1425M, which starts at $ 129.99. Meanwhile, the most expensive model is the TomTomGo 520/620, which has a price that can reach up to $249.99.

Based on the pricing of the cheapest and the most expensive models of each brand, I can say that the overall price between the two brands does not have a bigger difference at all. TomTom models are more expensive than the Magellan GPs models but not too much.

Screen Quality

The screen of the GPS is an essential part of the device as it allows the driver to see the information provided clearly. In this feature, I can say that the TomTom device has the edge in terms of screen quality.

When it comes to the screen, the screen size is extremely important. Most Magellan and TomTom GPS devices come in various sizes, such as 5-inch, 6-inch, and 7-inch screen sizes. In choosing the screen size, you will need to know what screen size you are dealing with.

If you use the smallest screen, you will probably be restrained by all the information provided in the GPS. However, finding a nice place in the dashboard might be challenging if you use a large screen size. In choosing the right size, select the one that will fit nicely into your vehicle.

But when it comes to quality, the 4.3 inches and the 4.7 inches are good for all the drivers. The extra space provided by the screens is good, but it is actually not necessary. The screen quality and the improved resolution are essential, and I found the TomTom models have the edge over the Magellan devices.

In fact, some TomTom devices already have new glass capacitive touch screen models which provide sharper and clearer images. As for Magellan models, one model that stands out in screen quality is the Magellan Maestro 3100 Plus.

Company Overview

We can also compare these two GPS devices by learning the company overview between these two brands. In terms of longevity, Magellan is the oldest company of the two and offers several GPS models.

The company is situated in California and has an international reach that includes countries such as Taiwan, Belgium, the UK, China, and Japan. On the other hand, TomTom is based internationally and is based in the Netherlands. TomTom has a broader international reach that includes 56 offices in 37 countries.


In choosing a suitable GPS device for your car, you must be familiar with the popular brands in the market. Comparing Magellan vs Tom Tom is a great way to be familiar with the upsides and downsides of both brands. Knowing the difference between the two GPS device providers will allow you to choose the right one for your vehicle.

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