How to Update GPS in Car

how to update gps in car

Navigating your car powered by a GPS is a great help when it comes to providing maps and directions when you drive. The onboard navigation system of your car will determine the driver’s current location and help you get to the next destination.

However, with the constant construction of new roads, you will need to update the GPS of your car’s navigation system. But how to update GPS in car? There are several ways to update the GPS of your car, but it all depends on what brand you are using. The list below will tell you different ways to update your car’s GPS.

Automatic Updates

Some GPS installed in the car’s navigation system will just automatically update when needed. These GPM systems usually have automatic map updates, which are released in a specific period.

In this type of GPS update, your car’s navigation system will signal the driver’s availability of the update. The GPS will just prompt the user to allow the car’s navigation system to accept the new updates.

Several Tesla models with built-in GPS update automatically. This car brant will automatically update the maps needed in your navigation. And the best thing about the regular GPS update is it’s free.

Using an SD Card, DVD, or USB

Another way to update the GPS of your car’s navigation system is through an sd card, dvd, or USB. Most of the vehicle’s onboard navigation uses this type of process when updating the GPS.

In this method, you will need to download the new maps first, then transfer the updates on an sd card or USB key, which will be connected to your car’s dashboard to start installing the update.
The download of the new updates varies depending on the supplier.

Usually, the supplies have an online store where the GPS update products are grouped according to the car’s model. The products will give you an extensive catalog where anyone can choose the type of update needed in a particular car.

This method releases the periodic updates of maps throughout the year. When you download the current update in your car, it will give you the most updated information available for you to use in the navigation of your car.

GPS System with Sim Card

One of the latest models in the car navigation system uses a sim card when updating newly available information. This type of GPS system is one of the latest models, and updating new information is done automatically.

When updating a car with a GPS System using a sim card, the device will automatically connect to the internet as soon as you start your car. Then, the GPS system will automatically search for new updates if there are any.

The only downside of this GPS system is it’s more expensive than the other navigation system. But looking at the brighter side is very practical as it allows you to be familiar and updated with new developments on the road.

GPS Update By Going to the Dealership

Older cars that use GPS in the navigation system have a unique way of updating the GPS. The owner of the car will go directly into the dealership to let them update the new information available.

In this update, older vehicles will call for the use of the dealer box. This method will let the dealership update the GPS of the car’s navigation system. As the car owner, you will need to ensure that the information uploaded to the GPS is recent.

GPS Update Differs in Every Car Model

how to update garmin gps in car

Different car models use different ways to update the GPS of their navigation system. The list below will show several car models and their way of updating the GPS.

BMW Navigation Assistant

When it comes to updating a BMW, you will need to use a USB key, DVD, or some other external medium. All the BMW car owners will need to purchase the GPS updates online. Some GPS updates are also available in some dealerships.

Citroen GPS System

The Citroen GPS system must be updated for you to optimally use it on the road. The brand has an online website that offers the latest maps, which can be purchased and downloaded into the car. In the Citroen GPS System, you can update the GPS using different types of external media such as a USB, CD, DVD, or SD card.

Audi GPS

When it comes to updating the navigation system of an Audi car, the responsibility lies on the supplier. They will be responsible for updating newly available information, such as new maps in the car’s navigation system.

Toyota Entune Free Navigation System

This Toyota model will allow you to update its free navigation system automatically. In this navigation system, you can easily access up-to-date information such as maps, real-time directions, and the latest traffic updates.

Volkswagen GPS

When it comes to updating the GPS of Volkswagen models, the car owner will need to download it. The download should be unpacked on an SD card or a USB stick. You will have the option to download a map in a specific continent, and it will take about an hour to update it into the internal SSD, which is holding the car’s navigation system.

Tesla GPS

Tesla models update the GPS automatically. The maps and the routing functions are real-time using a built-in cellular LTE communication. You will get real-time traffic information and other important information from this car’s navigation system.

Nissan Sentra GPS

The Nissan Sentra GPS is already built-in into the vehicle. But to update the GPS of the navigation system, you will need to purchase an SD memory card and upload the new information available to the car’s navigation system.

Cars with Garmin GPS

There are car owners who do not have built-in navigation in the vehicle. So, what they will do is purchase and install a GPS navigation system in the car, such as the Garmin GPS. When learning how to update Garmin GPS in a car, you will need to go to their website.

Once you are on their website, you will net to download the software and install it on your computer. The GPS will then be connected to the USB port and update the maps without any cost as often as possible.


Learning how to update GPS in car is very important as it gives the car owner the latest information that will make the navigation easy. Once the map in the GPS and other related information is updated, the car owner can use the navigation system with precision and reliability on the road.

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