How to Mount GPS in Car

how to mount gps in car

If your car does not have a built-in navigation system, installing a GPS Device brings many benefits to the driver. This device will help simplify road navigation, especially if you are unfamiliar with the road leading to your destination.

But how to mount GPS in car? Mounting a GPS in a car is relatively easy and only requires a few steps. But, you must first purchase the GPS that you think is perfect for your car as there are different brands on the market. Please see below the step-by-step guide to mounting a GPS in a car.

Step 1: Choosing the Proper Location

The initial step in mounting a GPS in the car is to choose the correct location. Several factors must be considered when selecting the mounting place of the vehicle. First, the chosen location should make the GPS device positioned so the driver can easily see it.

Some possible places where the device can be mounted include the windshield or the dashboard. But it all depends on the preference of the car owner. But choosing these options will all depend on the accessories you have that will hold the GPS device.

Upon purchase of the device, there will be a mounting tool that will be used in installing the GPS device. When you are positioning the mount, the device must not interfere with the driver’s view of the road, the controls of the car, the rear-view mirrors, and the car’s airbags.

If your car does not have a flat or smooth surface that will offer a space for the GPS device, you can also acquire additional accessories that can help. These accessories will help in making the installation despite the limited space.

Also, if you plan to put the device on the windshield, you must ensure that it is allowed in your area. Some states are making it illegal to use the suction cup windshield mounts inside the car. So make sure to be familiar with the by-laws governing the GPS device’s installation in your vehicle.

Step 2: Preparing and Cleaning the Mounting Place

Once you have identified the location to mount the GPS device, cleaning the area before the installation process is essential. Some GPS brands come with a cleaning material that will be used to clean the area. Or, you can simply clean the area using alcohol and a piece of cloth but make sure to clean the place before mounting the GPS device thoroughly.

After cleaning, you will need to let it dry. In addition, if you will be mounting the GPS device on the dashboard, make sure to take off the protective backing from the adhesive disk. Then, you will need to press it on the dashboard while maintaining the pressure for about five minutes. Let the adhesive cure for one whole day before proceeding with the installation.

Step 3: Preparing the GPS Device Before the Installation

You will need to take out the device from the original packaging back. If there is an instruction booklet, you can read it carefully as it can help in the actual mounting process. Please follow guidelines when it comes to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Please note that there are three different components inside the GPS box. The first one is the GPS device which has a screen on the front. An adaptor should also be included in the product package, which will be responsible for plugging into your car. Then, you will also need to check the holder which will be responsible for holding the GPS device.

cleaning the mounting place

Step 4: Mounting the GPS Device

The next step is the actual installation of your GPS device. Start by connecting the USB cable for charging to the mount itself. Then you will need to position the GPS holder and position it to the adhesive disk and hold it in place.

After successfully putting the holder, you must check if it is thoroughly secured. You will need to make sure that the mount is stable and will not come loose before connecting the device.

If you plan to put the GPS in the air vent, you will need to make sure to have an air-vent mount. First, attach the holder to the air vent. Once the holder is in place, you can just put the GPs device after securing the holder.

Always remember that each GPS brand uses various connecting arms and discs that must be attached to your device before mounting. The available mounts and accessories will be available on the company’s website.

Step 5: Working on the Connections

The next step is to plug the right end of the power cord into the GPS device. If your car comes with a cigarette lighter, you will need to remove it before plugging the other end into the twelve-volt power outlet.

After the installation, you will also need to clean and arrange the cords so they will not look messy. If there is an extra length of power cord, you will need to keep it so that it will not be a distraction on your end.

After the installation, you will need to familiarize the proper usage of the GPS device. This step is very important if it is your first time using a GPS device in the vehicle. This device will bring substantial benefits and bring convenience to your driving.


A GPS device brings many benefits to drivers and is now being used in most cars. If your car does not have a GPS yet, then learning how to mount GPS in car is an excellent knowledge to have. The installation is easy, but you must choose a suitable GPS device to fit your vehicle and driving needs.

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