Garmin Zumo XT Motorcycle GPS Review

garmin zumo xt motorcycle gps review

When it comes to dedicated motorcycle GPS, Garmin is arguably the most popular brand in this product line. They have produced a wide range of GPS purely built to withstand the challenging condition when installed in a motorcycle. One of these products is the Garmin Zumo XT which offers new features that can help motorcycle riders in their quest for adventures.

In this Garmin Zumo XT Motorcycle GPS review, we will be detailing all the upsides and downsides of this dedicated motorcycle GPS and other related information, including our whole experience testing this navigational device in an actual environment.


Garmin Zumo XT GPS Review

garmin zumo xt motorcycle gps

  • Glove-friendly Screen
  • Clear and Bright Display
  • Easy Mounting or Removing
  • Adventurous Routing Feature is Free
  • Water Resistance Feature
  • Worldwide Maps Not Preloaded
  • Vulnerable to Theft
  • No USB-Charging Port (Only Mini)
  • Does Not Come in Protective Case

5.5 Inches Screen

garmin zumo xt battery life

In this Garmin Zumo XT review, we tackle all the best features that this GPS navigation system for motorcycles offers. The first thing that impresses me is the screen’s brightness and clearness.

I feel that the 5.5” screen is a perfect size since it’s larger, making it easier to read. The brightness and the readability are still there even in direct sunlight with polarized sunglasses. So impressed with the data fields because it is easy to read, while the speed indicator turns pinkish red when you are speeding, making it impossible to miss.

Aside from the screen brightness, it is also touch-sensitive which means it’s very responsive and will still work even if you wear your gloves on. In addition, the screen can be used in landscape and portrait modes.

Ease of Use

garmin zumo xt screen map

Another advantage of using the Garmin Zumo XT motorcycle GPS is it’s easy to use. Setting up the device is easy since it will guide you from start to finish. All you have to do is download the Garmin Drive mobile app on your smartphone. It will teach you how to connect to a WiFi signal and update maps and firmware.

Please note that every time the user shuts the device down when it is logged into a network, the device will automatically check for updates before it powers off. In addition, this particular navigational device comes with lifetime updates which makes it unique compared to the other GPS device that I have used previously.

In addition, using the device’s basic function is so easy to do. For example, routing to a specific destination or preloading a pacific point of interest works as expected. However, you can use the adventurous routing feature, where the device will pick a direct routing path for you. In my experience, it seems that the device paved routes rather than those gravel ones.

Additional Features

garmin zumo xt screen

There are also other features that this device provides to the user aside from guiding where to go. The hand’s free calling and phone controls will help keep the phone off the bar while the user focuses on the road. This feature promotes safety for the rider.

On top of that, the device will also allow you to control the music, incoming calls, and even notifications from your phone. However, you must pull over when you want to answer the phone or change the playlist. The device still does not have the feature to do it while driving.

The navigational device will also allow you to review and manage all the routes, tracks, and waypoints. In addition, managing and reviewing can also be done using your mobile phone or on the computer using the Garmin Explorer software.

Then, the track recorder features allow the user to record the route and save it for future reference. Lastly, the user of the Garmin Zumo XT motorcycle GPS will provide you with up-to-date updates on traffic and weather.


garmin zumo xt mount

When it comes to mounting, the product package will provide you with a handlebar clamp that will attach the ball mount system that supports the cradle. Interestingly, in this device, Garmin has finally made a GPS with a standard 1-inch ball mount, meaning cradles and adapters are not needed.

When this device is locked in place, it looks very secure to the dock or mount. However, you can easily remove the GPS devices in a split second by simply pushing the button at the back and lifting it off.

garmin zumo xt mounting

The easy removal feature is one of the Garmin Zumo XT problems that you need to deal with when using this navigational device. I feel like if you leave the device on the motorbike, the thief can easily steal it if you lose attention for a few minutes.

Lastly, the wiring is also simple and straightforward. The whole wiring only comes with positive and negative wires, which you need to hook up to a particular place. Garmin has also included a nice little rubber cover for the contacts when the GPS is not installed.

Battery Life

The Garmin Zumo XT battery life is not an issue since it lasts just enough for you to complete your adventure. This navigational device comes with a 3.5-hour battery life on 100% brightness. The device can last up to 6 hours when used in a regular setting.

If you are like me, who loves longer rides, the option is to use the charger for additional power. Another option is to hardwire the batter for the constant power source, making this navigational device last longer.

Garmin Zumo XT – What’s in The Box?

The overall product packaged of the Garmin Zumo XT motorcycle GPS comes with several accessories that let you use the device easily. You will find the instruction manual and the rubberized ball-mount system, which is compatible with RAM.

It also comes with an electrical power cable and a mini-USB cable. The mini-USB cable felt useless since most of the devices now use USB-C. On the other hand, this cable will not be needed if you hardwire the device to the bike’s electrical system.


This Garmin Zumo XT motorcycle GPS review provides insights into how this navigational device performs in a motorcycle. This product has several upsides as the company makes sure that it has several added features compared to the previous models. Overall, this product is a solid navigational device that can be used in motorbike adventures.

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