Etrex 22x vs 30x vs 32x

etrex 22x vs 30x vs 32x

When it comes to the GPS navigation system, the Garmin brand is one of the top companies providing GPS devices. Whether for cars, trucks, or motorcycles, the company has a GPS device specially made for these vehicles. As for hiking, Garmin has the Etrex GPS devices, which are popular among hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Etrex GPS devices have released many models, but the 22x, 32x and 30x are among the most popular handheld GPS devices. So, what are the differences between the three devices? This article will compare Etrex 22x vs 30x vs 32x and what it brings to the hiker.

Feature Etrex 22x Etrex 30x Etrex 32x
Unit Dimension 5.4 cm by 10.3 cm by 3.3 cm 5.4 cm by 10.3 cm by 3.3 cm 5.4 cm by 10.3 cm by 3.3 cm
Display Size 3.5 by 4.4 cm 3.5 by 4.4 cm 3.5 by 4.4 cm
Date of Released June 2019 May 2015 June 2019
Internal Storage 8 GB 3.7 GB 8 GB
Price Cheapest Cheaper Expensive


Unit Dimension and Display Size

The first feature that we can look to when comparing these three GPS devices are their physical dimensions. Unfortunately, we cannot find any differences between the Etrex 22x, Etrex 30x, and Etrex 32x because they have the same size. The three devices come with similar dimensions, which are 5.4 cm by 10.3 cm by 3.3 cm.

When it comes to the display size, the three handheld GPS devices also come in similar sizes. These three models have a display size of 3.5 by 4.4 cm. The similarities between the sizes are understandable because the same company, Garmin, manufactured these three devices.

Date of Released

Another factor that can be used to differentiate these three handheld GPS devices is their release date. Knowing the time of their release will let you know the older and newer models.

The Etrex 30x model is the oldest model of these three GPS devices. The said model was released in the market in May 2015. The Etrex 22x and the Etrex 32x are the newer models released a few years ago in June 2019.

Internal Storage

Another way to compare these three handheld devices for hiking is internal storage. The internal storage refers to the built-in storage space available in each GPS device. This memory space will be used for the system data, apps, and user-generated data. When a device comes with more extensive data, it will allow the user to save more apps and files on the GPS device.

Of the three GPS devices, the older Etrex 30x model has the least internal storage capacity, which is 3.7 GB. As for the newer models, the Etrex 22x and the Etrex 32x have similar internal storage capacity, which is 8 GB.


If you want to compare these three GPS devices, you can also tell the difference in their prices. Being the older model in the series, the Etrex 30x has the lowest price compared to the Etrex 32x or the Etrex 22x.

To give you a better idea about the pricing, you will need to compare Etrex 30x vs 32x because they are actually in the same series. The Etrex 22x, during its release, was priced at around $210, while the Etrex 32x was at about $320 at that time. On the other hand, the Etrex 30x was priced at about $280.

The Difference in Hiking Features

The other key differences between these models can be checked on the various hiking features it offers to the user. So, if you try to compare the Etrex 30x to the newer versions, which are the Etrex 22x and the Etrex 32x, the significant difference is the preloaded data in the Garmin Topo Active Mapping.

There are also other upsides when it comes to using the newer models of Etrex 22x and 32x compared to the older version, which is the Etrex 30x. First, the new models have simplicity as it allows you to focus on the navigation without the extra clutter.

The 22x and the 32x models are built with ruggedness, so you do not need to treat them like a smartphone or the older models because the devices have better durability. More importantly, the Garmin topo maps provide better trail coverage than a few years ago.

As for the newer models, you can also provide some comparisons because the 32x and the 22x come in different series. If you try to compare the Etrex 22x vs 32x, the difference will be in the added features of these GPS devices.

The 32x comes with added features that are not found in the 22x version. First is the Barometric altimeter, which is used to check the exact altitude readings and the use of a weather station. Another feature is the 3-axis compass which provides accurate information about the direction of the hiker when stationary or at low speed.

Lastly, the Etrex 32x model comes with ANT+ connectivity which allows exchanging data with other devices compatible with Garmin. These data that can be exchanged include routes, tracks, waypoints, and geocaches.


Garmin has come up with several Etrex models, but the most popular among hikers are the 22x, 32x, and 30x models. Comparing the Etrex 22x vs 30x vs 32x will allow you to choose the suitable handheld GPS device for your hiking activities. Each of these models comes with various features, but choosing the one for you depends on your preference.

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