The Best GPS for Snowmobile In 2023

best gps for snowmobile

Snowmobiling is used for many reasons, such as transportation, recreation, hunting, and trapping. But most snowmobilers use it for touring and trail riding on marked and groomed trails, which means having the best GPS for snowmobile trails is essential.

This article features three of the best GPS for snowmobile that anyone can use. Our recommendations are based on actual riding experience combined with our research regarding the quality of each product. Rest assured that the products listed are the best handheld GPS for snowmobiling available in the market today.


Top 3 GPS for Snowmobile Reviews

1. Garmin Nuvi 57 GPS Navigator

garmin nuvi 57 gps navigator

This product is the best Garmin for snowmobiling with all its innovative features. With its dual-orientation display, this product is so much easier to use. This GPS for snowmobile does not rely on cellphone signals and is even unaffected by cellular dead zones since it is already preloaded with detailed maps.

What I like best about this product is its accuracy. It is the best Garmin GPS for snowmobile that is very accurate in giving directions. Hooking it up to a computer while downloading Garmin Express will allow you to get alternate voices and vehicles.

I am also impressed by the turn-by-turn directions, which are supported by a high-quality voice-over. The voice volume can also be adjusted easily, depending on your preference. With this feature, you can quickly determine your direction when snowmobiling on different trails.

Also impressive is the trip planner application, which allows the user to preload travel plans into the uni. The device has the best snowmobile trail maps for Garmin GPS. If you are snowmobiling, this functionality will save you so much time in searching for directions when you are on the trail. If it is already downloaded on the unit, all you have to do is follow the plan.

Lastly, I am also impressed by the sensitivity of the GPS receiver of this device. For example, the user can stand anywhere on the trail, but this device still picks up enough GPS signals. It also comes with real-time traffic features that will be helpful when you are on the road.

  • With built-in Garmin Real Directions feature that guides the user to essential landmarks
  • Made with a dual-orientation display for easy usage
  • It does not rely on cellular signals
  • It comes with preloaded detailed maps
  • With lane assist feature helps navigate interchanges easily
  • Battery life issues

This product is the best GPS for backcountry snowmobiling, with all the features and functionalities it provides. It is for users looking for a dedicated GPS for snowmobiling as it allows for an excellent GPS signal even if the place has cellular signal dead zones.

2. Garmin Montana 680t Handheld GPS

garmin montana 680t handheld gps

This product from Garmin is the best GPS for snowmobile ice fishing and hunting. It provides essential information that allows you to go in the direction you want and return quickly without getting lost.

The device contains the best GPS for snowmobile trail maps and comes with preloaded TOPO U.S. maps, which will benefit snowmobilers. Furthermore, the track manager feature will allow users to easily organize and navigate waypoints, track logs, and routes. These functionalities enable snowmobilers to navigate unfamiliar trails and routes.

I am also impressed by the turn-by-turn voice navigation that tells you where to go. It helps in dealing with your routes so much easier. In addition, this device allows you to download your snowmobile trails easily and will enable you to see the tracks on the trails.

This GPS for snowmobiles also works faster than the other devices I have used. I am impressed by the interface and how easy it is to enter various information, such as coordinates, waypoints, and many more. Battery life is also not an issue.

In terms of its physical features, I like the rugged design, which is perfect for snowmobiling. It also comes with a dual orientation and a glove-friendly touchscreen display that allows easy usage for the user.

  • Built with dual orientation display and glove-friendly screen
  • It comes with preloaded TOPO U.S. maps
  • With an 8-megapixel autofocus camera and 3-axis compass with barometric altimeter
  • Access to GPS and GLONASS satellites
  • Built with a rugged design
  • The size is too large for smaller hands

This product is perfect for users looking for a reliable GPS for snowmobiles. The dual orientation and glove-friendly touchscreen allow easy usage on the trail. Overall, this product is an excellent navigation device for snowmobiling, hiking, and even road trips.

3. Garmin inReach Explorer GPS Navigation

garmin inreach explorer gps navigation

If you do a lot of snowmobiling, this product from Garmin is an excellent device to use. It is the best GPS for snowmobile and ATV as it provides all the features and functionalities for snowmobilers. The use will feel safer as it allows others to track your route and be aware of your movements on the trail.

This device will allow you to explore anywhere and communicate everywhere, especially on snowmobile trails. It comes with preloaded TOPO maps that come with onscreen GPS routing. It also comes with a 2-way messaging system from anywhere.

I also like the overall functionality of this device as it acts not only as a navigational GPS device but also as a satellite communication device. I am impressed by the graphical interface and the colored screen, which makes it easier and fun to use.

In terms of its navigational feature, this device allows you to locate yourself on a map and move to another location while dropping a waypoint. With this functionality, you will be aware of the terrain on which you travel.

Aside from its various features, this device is much easier to use. It is user-friendly, and the buttons are well-planned for easier usage. And most of all, this device works even without a cell phone signal, which is very impressive.

  • It works as a navigational and communication device
  • The device allows tracking of the user’s location with other people
  • It can be easily paired with other devices
  • With preloaded TOPO maps with onscreen GPS routing
  • With a built-in digital compass, barometric altimeter, and accelerometer
  • Setting up is confusing

Overall, this product is for snowmobilers looking for a reliable GPS navigational device. Its ability to be used as a messaging device is an excellent feature. This product’s other functionalities and features make it the best GPS for ATV and snowmobile.

How to Find the Best GPS for Snowmobile

best handheld gps for snowmobiling

With all the options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to look for the right GPS for your needs. But, there are certain factors that you can consider for you to choose the best one for your snowmobiling needs. Please see below.

Battery Life

The quality of the battery is an important factor to consider when looking for a GPS for snowmobiles. You do not want your device to stop working because of batter issues while you are still on the trail.

You need to check on the battery life of any of the GPS devices. Looking for a GPS device that can last at least 10 hours is highly recommended. Suppose you can find a GPS device with more than 20 hours of battery lifespan, the better. It should be enough to do your snowmobiling activity without losing your navigational device.


best gps for snowmobile trails

Another essential factor to consider when looking for a GPS for snowmobiles is its durability. The device must be challenging since it will be exposed to difficult and highly snowy conditions. The device must be built to withstand the wind and the snow.

For durability, there are some things that you need to look for in a GPS device. For example, you need to look for a GPS device with a strong outer shell and a sturdy base. Furthermore, you can also look for the water-proofing feature of the device.


The display is another factor to consider when looking for a GPS for snowmobile. You need to look for a GPS that has enough size to allow you to see the screen easily. It will also help if the screen is glove-friendly for easier usage.

In addition, the GPSs devices must also have an anti-glare screen to allow you to see it even in snowy conditions. Look for a screen with a good pixel display resolution and a crisp and colorful interface.

Navigation System

The type of navigation system is also an essential factor to consider when looking for a GPS for snowmobile. It is highly recommended to look for a satellite-based navigation GPS as it provides more accurate and precise information when you are on the trail.


When looking for the best GPS for snowmobile, look for a product that will provide accurate information on the trail. It is a must that the navigational device has the toughness and durability to work well in snowy conditions and has a longer battery lifespan.

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