The Best Dirt Bike GPS in 2023

best dirt bike gps

Having a dirt bike gives you a unique adventure and a chance to navigate unknown places and rough terrains. But when going on an adventure, you need the best dirt bike GPS to prevent you from getting lost and help you reach your destination faster.

This article lists three of the best GPS tracker for dirt bike as a recommendation for you, our readers. The recommended products are based on our testing process using different products available in the market today.


Top 3 Dirt Bike GPS Reviews

1. Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS

garmin oregon 700 handheld gps

If you are into dirt biking and want to avoid getting lost again, this handheld GPS navigational system from Garmin is an excellent option to use. It is the best Garmin dirt bike GPS, built with ruggedness and versatility to ensure that it works well in outdoor settings.

What I like about this dirt bike GPS is its lightness and clearer screen. This particular model also works faster and is very accurate with the information it provides. If you are new, you may need clarification on the interface, but this device allows you to remove the icons not used in the menus to make it easy for you.

This GPS for dirt bike riding also has a great feel when it is used with your hand protected by gloves. If you are new to using the device, you may feel that the screen is small, but after a while, you will feel that there is a balance between the screen size and the resolution on the screen.

During navigation, this device is very helpful when it comes to dirt biking. This navigational device comes with customizable controls to put any information you need for your ride, which can be downloaded and installed to the SD card and is available to access even if there is no internet connectivity.

Lastly, this dirt bike GPSs has a wide array of features that can be used for navigational purposes. Functionalities like active weather support, automatic geocache downloads, worldwide shaded base map, barometric altimeter, and many more can be maximized for your dirt bike navigation.

  • Built with an ergonomic and rugged design to stand strong against the worst outdoor conditions
  • With a simplified multi-activity menu interface for easier usage
  • Made with a 3-inch readable touchscreen display that allows landscape or portrait view
  • With a built-in electronic compass that comes with an accelerometer and barometric altimeter sensors
  • Built with expanded wireless capabilities for easier software downloads
  • Low memory

This product from Garmin is for dirt bikers looking for a reliable off road GPS for dirt bikes. This navigational device may look small, but the screen is excellent. Its wi-fi capability is more valuable since it allows you to download any software easily.

2. Trail Tech Voyager Pro UTV GPS

trail tech voyager pro utv gps

This dirt bike GPS navigation from Trail Tech is a must-have when you are into dirt biking. The device comes with a 4-inch color touch screen and an anti-glare display that is properly sealed and rated to prevent water and dust from getting inside the device. This feature is perfect for the type of condition when you are dirt biking.

I am impressed by the quality of the display on the screen that shows the dirt bike GPS trail maps and other related information. The display has enough size to see it on the screen, while the menus are much easier to navigate.

Then, the buddy tracking feature allows you to track a maximum of 20 riders using the same device. This feature will prevent you from getting lost on the trail. For example, if you arrive late compared to your friends, you can easily track them using the navigational device.

In terms of connectivity, this dirt bike GPS is Bluetooth-enabled which allows easy connection for intercom, phone, and media controls. So, you can easily play songs from your phone or SD card using Bluetooth connectivity. Please note that two phones and two headsets can be connected at the same time with their connectivity.

The product’s package comprises the main GPS device, dock, car charger, mount, temp sensor, tach sensor, and power wire. The last three accessories will be used to integrate the device into the vehicle to monitor vital information such as temperature, battery voltage, RPN, and many more.

  • Built with an anti-glare screen that is sealed and protected from dust and water
  • With a buddy tracking feature that allows you to monitor other riders within your group
  • Bluetooth-enabled for easier connection on phone, intercom, and media controls
  • With a micro SD card that allows easy transfer of data
  • Built to integrate with the vehicle to monitor vital information, such as temperature, RPM, battery voltage and many more
  • Absence of a charging port and charging cable

This dirt bike GPS is for riders looking for a navigational device that can monitor their co-riders within their group. The buddy tracker feature is an excellent functionality to be used when dirt biking with friends. It is the best GPS for dirt bike trail riding with all the features and functionalities it provides.

3. Garmin Montana 700 Rugged GPS

garmin montana 700 rugged gps

This dirt bike GPS from Garmin is what you need to track your adventures with your dirt bike in any terrain. The device features in-reach communications and a wide range of functionalities that can be used when dirt biking.

This GPS tracker for dirt bike comes with a flashlight at the back, a micro USB port for charging, mounting brackets, and an SOS button to be used with InReach services. The device is powered by a battery secured by a locking D-ring. You will also see a micro USB slot for loading custom maps and expanding storage.

According to the company, the battery can last up to 18 hours in regular GPS mode, but it depends on the screen use and ambient temperature. In addition, the unit comes with an expedition mode that can last up to two weeks on a charge. It is also an added advantage that the device comes with a swappable battery.

I am also impressed by all the features it provides that can be used for various outdoor activities, such as heart monitors, cadence for tricycles, dog tracking, and many more. The interface of this device is so easy to use, while the InReach feature is very handy.

I also like that the screen is much larger and so much brighter from the outside. However, there are a couple of issues that you will experience. For example, all the features inside will require a learning curve from your end. This tracking device for dirt bike is also bulky and heavy compared to other navigational devices.

  • Built with a glove-friendly touchscreen that offers easy viewing
  • Made with rugged construction to resist shock, water, and vibration
  • Includes outdoor navigation sensors and preloaded TopoActive maps
  • With WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth wireless networking
  • Built with versatile mounting options
  • Bulky and heavy

This dirt bike GPS tracker is for bikers looking for a navigational GPS that provides a wide range of features that can be used for any outdoor activities. Also, it’s the best GPS for dirt bike riding with its accuracy, user-friendliness, and durability when exposed to extreme outdoor conditions.

How to Look for the Best Dirt Bike GPS

best gps for dirt bike riding

Looking for the right dirt bike GPS can be a challenge with all the brands available in the market today. However, there are certain factors that you can consider to choose the right one for your bike. Please see below:

Screen Size and Quality

When looking for a dirt bike GPS, you need to check first on the overall quality of the screen, including its size. The size is essential since it contributes to the user’s ability to easily see the data or information.

Choose a GPS that is enough to allow you to see the screen. I cannot recommend any particular size since it’s all about preference. A screen that is too large can distract you while you are riding. But you can try those screens from 4 to 5 inches.

Another consideration is the color of the screen. Again, it’s all about the type of color you prefer, as different types are available in the market. Lastly, you can look for a screen that provides an anti-glare feature which allows you to use the screen in bright light settings.

Features and Functionalities

best gps tracker for dirt bike

The next factor to consider is all the features and functionalities a dirt bike GPS provides. How you choose a GPS device will depend on the features and functionalities you look for in a navigational device.

For example, if you are riding in groups, you can look for a device with a buddy tracking feature, as it is very useful when you are biking in groups. All the features being offered by a particular GPS device must be considered and should meet your navigational needs.

Map Availability

Of course, a GPS with a map is helpful, especially when you are dirt biking. There are different maps available in every GPS, but you need to ensure that the map you need is on a particular device.

However, for your dirt bike, you must ensure that the GPS device comes with Topo maps. This map allows you to check various terrain contours and other related points of interest related to dirt biking.


best gps for dirt bike trail riding

The battery is also essential when looking for a dirt bike GPS. The quality of the battery determines the amount of time you can use the navigational device when dirt biking. You must ensure that the battery has a lifespan that can cover the whole duration of the dirt biking activity.

Another battery-related topic is ensuring a backup battery just in case the original battery is finished earlier than the activity. The backup is essential to ensure a working GPS throughout the activity.


Having the best dirt bike GPS during your biking activity gives you many advantages in maximizing your dirt biking experience. But looking for the right dirt bike GPS can be a challenge with all the options available today. This article provides you with the best information that allows you to look for a suitable navigational device for your needs.

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