The Best Adventure Motorcycle GPS in 2023

best adventure motorcycle gps

There is a big difference when riding a motorcycle on an open road or in the backcountry. The thrill and the reward of this unique adventure are so unique compared to using a car. But when it comes to the navigational side of motorcycle riding, using a dedicated motorcycle GPS can expand the rider’s horizons when navigating off-road, on the road, or any other adventures.

This article features five of the best adventure motorcycle GPS available today. We have tested several products through actual road testing in various road conditions. The testing process results allow us to list the top GPS for adventure motorcycle that everyone can use.


Top 3 Adventure Motorcycle GPS Reviews

1. Garmin zumo 396 LMT-S Motorcycle GPS

garmin zumo 396 lmt-s motorcycle gps

If you are looking for a dedicated GPS for your motorcycle, this product from Garmin is an excellent option. Personally, this product is the best Garmin for adventure motorcycles as it is built to take bumps on the road and offers more travel routes.

In terms of its physical attribute, I am impressed by the overall size of this dedicated GPS. The product has the size to see the map well but will not block out the motorcycle’s speedometer and the tach. The devices offer a more responsive screen and a clean map but still have a compact size that will not cover the motorcycle’s information system.

In addition, this dedicated motorcycle GPS is great for riders planning a ride and its essential points, such as hills, curves, and other related information. It also comes with a fuel tracker by mileage. The device also allows skipping waypoints and the standard route avoidance options.

I also allow integration with my phone, allowing me to control the music quickly and receive notifications via GPS. The adventure feature is also an excellent functionality. While the instructions coming from the device is loud and clear.

Lastly, I also found this Garmin GPS for adventure motorcycle so easy to install and includes all the mounting equipment, the whole mounting system, and the power cord. The overall installation was flawless and straightforward. The mounting system also allows the devices to be easily removed or installed from the motorcycle.

  • Built to be easily connected to a smartphone to allow hand’s free calling and smart notifications
  • It comes with built-in wi-fi that allows easy updates without the use of a computer
  • The product will provide free live access to weather and traffic
  • Provides rider alerts for speed cameras, up-and-coming sharp curves, and automatic incident notifications
  • The quick and easy mounting process
  • SD card mount issues

This product is the best Garmin motorcycle GPS that any motorcycle owner can use in their adventures. The product is easy to install and easy to use. It provides many features that make the ride easier, fun, and full of adventure.

2. TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS

tomtom rider 550 motorcycle gps

The TomTom Rider 550 is the best adventure motorcycle GPS with its Wi-Fi-connected feature. The navigational device allows you to have a personalized trip that will enable you to handle hilly and curvy routes easily. In addition, this device will also let the user sync and connect to a smartphone for easier use.

The best GPS for adventure motorcycle offers excellent functionality, brightness, and battery usage. All of these features can be found in the TomTom Rider 550. This device has excellent brightness that allows you to see any angle and is quick enough to give directions over the rider’s communication systems.

I also want to point out the number of countries in the GPS maps. It provides plenty of countries which is totally unexpected since I expect only the map of the US. But it has a nice feature and should allow other countries to use this navigational device fully.

Also impressive are the number of features in the device that allows for an easier ride, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. For me, the best feature is the ability of this device to plan your route using the product’s website. The plan can also be easily synced into the GPS device to let you plan twisty backroads.

Finally, this off road motorcycle GPS offers a couple of mounting options where all the parts are included for an easier installation. It has a standard RAM mount that protects the device from drops and vibrations while on the road.

  • Built with an ipx7-certified design that allows the device to have the weatherproof capability
  • Made with a capacitive touchscreen that allows easier control maven when wearing gloves
  • Withy Quad-core processor that allows quick processing of live information
  • It comes with a smart screen feature that allows brightness and readable display
  • With a secured and strong mounting system
  • Heavy mounting system

This product is for motorcycle users looking for a reliable motorcycle with a dedicated GPS. Aside from the impressive feature, this product comes with a rock-solid mounting system which allows you to have horizontal and vertical displays. It can also be paired with a Bluetooth headset for audio directions.

3. TomTom Go 52 GPS Navigation

tomtom go 52 gps navigation

Another dedicated GPS from TomTom, the Go 52 5-inch GPS device takes pride in faster and better connectivity coupled with voice control, smartphone message reading, and hands-free calling features. Traffic and free maps are also included in this device.

This product is the best off road motorcycle GPS with its good features, good screen, and good directions. This device will allow you to pair it with your smartphone while having the TomTom MyDrive app up and running around the background on the phone. From there, you will get live traffic updates. Furthermore, the updates of the maps and other firmware are so convenient.

I am also impressed by how easily this device can be used in terms of navigating through the menus of this device. The navigation control was essential and was easy to understand, especially the commands. I am also impressed by the Bluetooth feature that allows me to use the phone without touching it. This feature allows me to focus on driving while still using the phone.

The size of this device is enough for a motorcycle, as it will not obstruct the view of the odometer and the view of the road. Also, the navigation changes are very quick when skipping, turning, or going in another direction.

Overall, this device is so easy to use. The overall operation is so easy to learn. The device has no problem telling what is ahead and when is the best time to make a move. Using this device will allow you to arrive at your destination on time while enjoying the trip without any issues.

  • It allows easy map and software updates using the Wi-Fi
  • Provides accurate traffic information to allow route planning
  • With hands-free calling and smartphone messaging to keep the user focused on the road
  • Includes destination prediction feature with the device learning the user’s driving habits
  • With touch and Bluetooth feature
  • Poor Bluetooth volume

Overall, this product is for motorcycle users looking for an adventure motorcycle GPS that can be used easily. It’s the best GPS for off road motorcycle that provides easy-to-use navigation. Navigating through the menus is easy as the commands are easy to understand.

How to Find the Best Adventure Motorcycle GPS

best garmin for adventure motorcycle

There is no doubt about the importance and help a dedicated motorcycle GPS can do on your riding adventure. But with all the options available in the market today, there are some factors that you need to consider when looking for a specific product that meets your riding needs. Please see below:

Connectivity Support

A dedicated motorcycle GPS is more than just displaying maps and directions. When looking for an adventure motorcycle GPS, you need to find a brand that provides excellent connectivity to other features on your motorcycle.

Look for a dedicated motorcycle GPS that allows you to link the bike’s vehicle sensor to all the bike’s related information, such as speed, battery voltage, tire pressure, and even real-time engine temperature. All of this information can help in having overall safe riding.


Another essential factor to look for in an adventure motorcycle GPS is its durability. You need to look for a brand built with high-quality materials to ensure that the level of durability can withstand the type of condition when mounted on a motorcycle.

An adventure motorcycle GPS must be designed to be exposed to various elements when it is installed on the bike. The navigating devices must have dust resistance, weatherproofing, and impact resistance features.


best gps for adventure motorcycle

The quality of the motorcycle GPS to perform tracking depends on the quality of the sensors and hardware installed inside the device. All motorcycle GPS comes with a GPS sensor that performs all the racking duties while the user is on the road.

If you are buying high-end models, look for Galileo and GLONASS sensors since they are the most popular and highly effective. These sensors can be used in tracking more advanced data, such as tire pressures, altitude, and other related metrics.

Power Source

The power source of the adventure motorcycle GPS is also an essential thing to consider as it affects the whole performance of the device. There are two different types of power sources that a user can choose depending on preference.

Some dedicated motorcycle GPS comes with batteries that provide power sources for a specific period. On the other hand, another type of motorcycle GPS gets its power source from the motorcycle’s battery.

Choosing which one will depend on the user’s preference. Of course, each type has its upsides and downsides. However, if you frequently do off-road riding, a GPS connected to your motorcycle’s battery is highly advisable.

Additional Features

Apart from letting you plan the route and other standard features, you also need to look for the additional features that a motorcycle GPS provides. The more useful features during the ride, the better for your convenience and safety.

Among those features, you need to look for built-in cameras, smartphone connectivity, live weather reports access, radio messaging, and so much more. All of these features, if found on the GPS, make it your consideration.


Checking on the best adventure motorcycle GPS that fits your needs is essential for a safer and worry-free ride. You need to look for a navigation system that provides useful information that can be used throughout the ride.

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