GPSMAP 66i vs InReach Explorer

gpsmap 66i vs inreach explorer

Meta Description: Do you know the difference between GPSMAP 66i vs InReach Explorer? Check this article to choose the right one for your outdoor navigation needs. Using a GPS device for navigation is essential when …

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Smartphone vs GPS for Hiking

smartphone vs gps for hiking

GPS is an essential tool for hikers when navigating the hike toward the destination. A handheld GPS can provide the much-needed data, but with the advancement of smartphones, a mobile phone can also download a …

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Etrex 22x vs 30x vs 32x

etrex 22x vs 30x vs 32x

When it comes to the GPS navigation system, the Garmin brand is one of the top companies providing GPS devices. Whether for cars, trucks, or motorcycles, the company has a GPS device specially made for …

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Magellan vs Tom Tom

magellan vs tom tom

There is no doubt about the importance of having a GPS navigation system in your car. However, the need to select the best GPS is also essential in order for the device to provide the …

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What GPS Do Truckers Use

what gps do truckers use

More and more people depend on the GPS when navigating unfamiliar destinations. Several types of GPS are intended for the vehicle’s specific needs. For truckers, you cannot just rely on personalized GPS or a navigation …

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How to Mount GPS in Car

how to mount gps in car

If your car does not have a built-in navigation system, installing a GPS Device brings many benefits to the driver. This device will help simplify road navigation, especially if you are unfamiliar with the road …

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How to Use a Handheld GPS for Hiking

handheld gps for hiking

GPS technology has come a long way in helping people with their navigation regardless of what activity the user is doing. Whether it’s driving, mountain climbing, or hiking, the GPS is a valuable tool when …

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How to Update GPS in Car

how to update gps in car

Navigating your car powered by a GPS is a great help when it comes to providing maps and directions when you drive. The onboard navigation system of your car will determine the driver’s current location …

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How to Use GPS on Motorcycle

how to use gps on motorcycle

The GPS or Global Positioning System has made the lives of many travelers easy when navigating different places. You will see many people using the technology on their smartphones to go in a particular direction. …

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