Digital Voice Recorder

The ultimate executive accessory! Convenient, classy and functional, this
Digital Voice Recorder is slim enough to fit comfortably in a shirt pocket or
small handbag. The best part? It's digital, so you never have to hassle with
those tiny cassettes again! 200 minutes of extended play and 120 minutes
of standard play make this the instrument of choice for recording lectures,
seminars, interviews, or doctor's rounds. The clear LCD display shows the
current message, total recorded messages, memory usage, recording
status, and battery status. State-of-the-art flash memory feature makes
sure you never lose important information.

actual size: 1x.5x4.75

200 minutes of maximum recording time extended play and stores
up to 99 messages
Slim line design
Automatic voice activation
Message search
Adjustable playback volume

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