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Please note that inquiries via email will receive a faster response than those by phone.

These are answers to many of the most common questions we get from job seekers like youself. If you have additional questions please contact us at email address shown as an image to prevent spambots from picking this up.  Please just type the email you see in the image into your email to us


Q. Does MightyGPS accept government IMPAC Visa and Master Card?
A. Yes

Q. I did not see the item I needed in the catalog or on your web site. Is it possible for an agent to research the product I am looking for?
A. Yes. We provide one on one attention to Federal government agencies. If there is an item you are not able to locate please contact us as we probably do not have it advertised but will have it supplied for you.

Q. Does MightyGPS have the ability to ship internationally?
A. Yes.

Q. Does MightyGPS ship to APO or FPO destinations?
A. Yes. We offer popular GPS models and accessories suitable for Armed Forces use for delivery by US Postal Service to APO and FPO destinations. Please note that due to the inability of the USPS to track shipments to final APO/FPO addresses, liability for shipments ends when the goods leave our facilities.

Q. How long does it take to build a custom solutions?
A. Please contact your rep for a specific estimate for your custom configuration.

Please give us a call or e-mail us to place and order, request a quote or gain additional information. We look forward to supplying your needs in the future.

Q. Can I order a sample OEM GPS item first?

A. Yes.  Please note that sample orders are available with a minimum of 10 units or greater. Please allow for 7 to 10 days lead time for sample delivery.

Q: Are shipping discounts available for multiple item orders?

A: Usually yes. If you are looking for volume quantities of an item or items then contact us directly for possible shipping discounts.


Q: Why are shipping costs so high on things like single item orders of OEM samples?

A: There are various reasons for this.  Among other things, some reasons are that there is greater complexity and time spent in packaging. Many of our items are sensitive and delicate instruments that require extra care in their preparation for a safe shipment. Additionally, often couriers will also require additional time-consuming paperwork and documentation to be filled out when we ship these items. Yet another reason is that these items must be tested prior to shipment. We recommend that you consider buying a larger quantity when ordering since there are efficiencies in scale with these tasks and so shipping on volume orders can be much lower on a per item basis.



Private Label Program Available

For large retailers, national/ international distributors, value added resellers. To learn more about the program click here

Institutional Volume Discounts Available

For goverment, Military, and Educational institutions. To learn more about the program click here