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Don’t confuse iGuidance with other low cost, limited-feature mapping software. iGuidance is truly a powerful, in-vehicle navigation program.

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iGuide Supports both Laptops and Pocket PC's
Provides Real-Time Routing with Turn-by-Turn Voice and Visual Prompts
Easily Enter a Destination or Search by Points of Interest
Dynamic Reroute and Detour Options


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Fugawi Mapping Software


Product Overview



System Requirements


Product Overview:

Imagine yourself driving in an unfamiliar city, lost and late for an appointment. You could stop to ask a stranger for directions or struggle with a large map. Or, you could use iGuidance, a vehicle navigation system that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to find your current position on a detailed map. A few clicks or taps to enter a destination and iGuidance not only finds the best route, it also provides verbal turn-by-turn directions.

Netropa has developed a full-featured, flexible and customizable software solution for mobile GPS navigation. We've combined the capabilities of Global Positioning System and the power and portability of handheld devices to offer consumers all the features of a car dashboard mounted GPS navigation at an affordable price. Using a Pocket PC handheld device, drivers can now have a bright color map display, accurate maps and voice notification for every turn movements.

iGuidance provides an affordable full featured, in-car GPS navigation solution. Keeping you on safe and on track are our highest priorities.

The iGuidance includes accurate moving map navigation display, dynamic route calculation, voice output engine, and consumer friendly interface. Our software solution is based on a modular approach so we can customize it to your hardware or software design. Different map databases can easily be used for iGuidance. Our routing engine can be tailored to fit your software. We can also input different language recordings for the voice notification for international distribution. We use only the latest maps that have been updated with turn restrictions and one way movements.

Enter the destination by street address or cross street and iGuidance will figure out the best route to drive from your current location to your destination. The current location is displayed on an accurate moving map to so you know where you are at all times. Getting to your destination is just one consideration: safety is another. Our software will give the driver verbal directions to the destination so the driver can keep their eyes on the road and the hands on the wheel.

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iGuidance runs on the Microsoft Windows (laptop), Pocket PC and Pocket PC (PDA) operating systems. It has been tested and is compatible with today's popular pocket pcs such as Compaq iPaq, HP Jornada, etc. 


iGuide Map display: smooth scrolling map, zoom in/out, pan, clear labels for current street, next turn movement, distance to next turn movement.

: navigation, sky view, gps info compass view, map. Auto brightness control for day and night use.

Dual text entry modes
: standard transcriber and large keypad for quick selection of recent destinations

Track recording

Changeable graphics for personalized look
Changeable sound files for different voices

rayming iguidance

Increase in productivity due to time saving
With iGuidance, information on any street in any community is displayed instantaneously on your PDA, making it unnecessary to thumb through difficult to read maps. This will save your valuable time.

Since iGuidance is used with your portable device, it can be easily accessed and stored away. With turn-by-turn voice instructions, you can keep your eye on the road and concentrate on driving without worrying about missing a turn.

Information retrieved from iGuidance is updated with the most current street information, making you confident that you will reach your destination. With iGuidance, you can drive with your mind at ease with the knowledge that our product has been thoroughly tested to attain perfect results.

User friendly

You need only use iGuidance once to become an expert navigator. Our user-friendly controls allow for quick access to a map of your desired location.

rayming iguidance

What is GPS?
Global Positioning System (GPS) uses a constellation of satellites to locate a position anywhere on the surface of the earth. iGuidance uses this system to locate and display the driver on an accurate street map. Sophisticated software calculates the best route to take to reach the destination, while a verbal prompts gives the driver turn by turn direction.

The satellites are always on and require no fixed or recurring fees. Using the GPS satellites only requires a GPS hardware receiver and iGuidance.

System Requirements:
Operating System Microsoft Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/2000/XP based PC or laptop computer
CPU Pentium II 233Mhz or higher microprocessor
CD-ROM 80 MB available hard drive space
Operating System Microsoft Pocket PC based handheld device with ARM based microprocessor
. 32 MB RAM
. 64 MB storage card
Note: Certain older model of Windows CE based handhelds will not run this software. Handhelds using Hitachi or MIPS microprocessors are incompatible with this software.


1. 3D views with multiple angles


2. More Route Options, More Point of Interests

3. More Map Coverage including Canada

4. Bug fixes and Speed Improvements

Clover Leaf Routing, Aggressive Locking to Highway, Contact Address look up, Faster Map loading, Better Memory Management and More.

Product Screen:

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