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US and Canada Software - TeleType

(Please note that we can only ship teletype items to the US and Canada).

Those seeking to place volume orders, please contact us at

TeleType GPS Software - US Street Maps

TeleType GPS Software - US Maps

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TeleType GPS Software - US and Canada Street Maps

TeleType GPS Software - US and Canada Maps

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TeleType GPS Software - Canada Street Maps

TeleType GPS Software - Canada Maps

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US and Canada Software - TeleType
Treat yourself to the most flexible, versatile, and powerful GPS mapping and routing software for Pocket PCs and more...!

TeleType GPS software for Windows CE, Pocket PCs, and Windows laptop systems, tracks your position worldwide in real-time using color maps. See your position on detailed maps as you move. Highly compressed maps allow large geographic areas to be loaded at one time.

  • Door to door routing
  • Voice recognition enhances usability

pocket pc and windows gps


  1. TeleType GPS Program
  2. Street Maps



TeleType GPS Software
Street Maps
software Features
  Current Version: v122003
  Features: Please visit our features page for a complete listing.
  Street Navigation: Please visit our Street page for more details.

Computer REquirements 

  General Requirements:
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  PDA Requirements: click here
  PC Requirements: click here

* Specifications are subject to be changed without notice.*

Note: This software is not compatible with non-TeleType CF and PCMCIA GPS receivers such as Haicom, and Pretec. See compatibility chart for details.

Note: Not all PDA's are supported. Check the compatibility chart to see that my PDA is currently supported.


TeleType Hardware