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Mio System - US Aviation/Street Maps- NEW!

The most portable integrated PDA/GPS navigation system !
(includes U.S. Streets and Worldwide Aviation maps)

With US Maps
Our Price: $890

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer - Please see our PDA GPS page for alternatives

This integrated PDA/GPS system by Mio offers amazing GPS functionalities. gets a fix on your position within few seconds, even if you’ve just come out of a tunnel or parking garage, to keep you on track toward you destination. The portable Mio system can even present you with street directions even when you are on foot, so you never need worry about losing your way.
This system uses a TFT LCD screen providing benefits-such as clear visibility in strong light, high brightness and contrast, offering superior clarity, and exceptionally crisp image quality. The Mio system also integrates LED backlighting technology that protects your eyes through brighter, more uniformly illuminated screen images, while conserving power to extend battery life.
With a foldable built-in 12 channel GPS receiver and an ultra-sleek, light, and durable design, this ideal PDA is the perfect GPS navigation system when you’re behind the wheel, while keeping your car map-free.

Amazing GPS capabilities gets a fix on your position within few seconds.
Ultra sleek and light form design with a built-in fully functional GPS receiver.
65,000-color Transflective TFT LCD screen helps you see the screen even in the brightest places.
Have everything all in one place; no need to buy anything extra!

  1. Integrated 12 Channel High Sensitivity GPS Receiver
  2. TeleType GPS software (US Aviation/Street maps & program)
  3. 1 year Live Weather License
  4. 1 year TFR Map Subscription
  5. Weight and Balance Utility
  6. Aviation Checklist
  7. E6B Flight Calculator
  8. Accessories (auto charger, auto mount, adapter and sync cable, headphones, etc)
  9. External Booster Antenna (#1329)
  10. Universal Yoke Mount
  11. Leather PDA/GPS case


TeleType GPS
Mio System - US Aviation/Street Maps

  Storage: Requires the use of a 256 MB SD (Secure Digital) Card.
  Processor Intel Xscale - 300 MHZ
  Operating System: Microsoft® Mobile 2003
  Display Screen: 3.5" TFT LCD Panel, resolution 240 x 320, 65K Color
  Memory: 32 MB ROM, 64 MB SDRAM
  Expansion Slot: SD/MMC Built-in GPS Receiver
  Audio: Voice Recording(Mono). MP3 Playback support. Media Player
  Microphone: Built-in type x 1(Mono)
  Speaker: Built-in Monaural type speaker x 1
  Headphone: 2.5mm Mini jack x 1
  USB: USB 1.1 Client for ActiveSync
  Infrared: IrDA (SIR). Consumer IR (4 meters)
  Battery: Embedded Lithium lon Battery 1350mAh
Active:12 hours(fully charged main battery, w/o GPS function)
Suspend:21 days(fully charged main battery)
  Power Supply: Input 100~240VAC;
Output 5VDC, 1A DC
  Storage: Secure Digital storage card for Software and Street Maps

Device Size
  Dimensions: 112.8mm (Length) x 69.6mm (Width) x 16.3~24.15mm (Height)
  Weight: 147g

  Hardware Warranty: One year warranty (on the Mio PDA only)

* Specifications are subject to be changed without notice.*


Map Features
  Points Of Interest: POI's Included.
  Weather Maps: Live NEXRAD Weather Maps (requires internet access)
  Flight Restrictions: TFR Maps (requires internet access)

* Specifications are subject to be changed without notice.*