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Product Description:

The SysOnChip Smart Blue GPS is the new generation of smallest compact Bluetooth GPS receiver from SysOnChip. Smart Blue simply turns a Bluetooth enabled computing device into a wireless navigation system when combined with most GPS-enabled navigation software. With its high sensitivity GPS antenna, Smart Blue offers excellent GPS reception performance and remarkable GPS accuracy.

Smart Blue is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled computing devices like PDAs, SmartPhones, Laptops and tablet PCs. The slim, sleek case houses a 12 channel all-in-view satellite receiver, using the new improved SiRF Star III chipset provides the fastest GPS fix time and higher senstivity even in the difficult environments.


It is compact in design, very lightweight and displays three LED lights for convenient use.

Simply connect the receiver to your laptop or PDA using your Bluetooth connection and add your own choice of GPS software to create a powerful navigation system.

The built in antenna is capable of acquiring satellite signals even in challenging situations such as under foliage or between tall buildings. It is even capable of picking up a signal inside some buildings and under service station canopies, allowing you to set up your route before beginning your journey.

The unit is sold without any bundled mapping software which allows total flexibility in selecting appropriate software for your particular application and operating system.

Smart Blue will be the perfect choice with its stylish sleek design, small and compact size, light weight, rechargeable and removable battery, and easy to use with high performance quality.


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  Product Specification

Battery LED displays: Red when charging; Green when battery is low; Off when fully charged or adequate power.
GPS Status LED displays: Flashing Orange when GPS position is fixed
Bluetooth LED displays: Blue when connection is made and data transfer available; Flashing Blue when seraching for Bluetooth connection.

Length Of Guarantee 1 Year(s)

Navigation Features
Map Datums WGS 84 (or by demanded)

GPS Performance
WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS Compatible - enabled
No. of Channels: 12 Channel 'All-in-view' tracking
Interfaces: NMEA 0183 v2.2 (default) or SiRF binary
Acquisition Times - Warm: under 38 seconds average
Acquisition Times - Cold: under 45 seconds average
Receiver: SiRF Star III

Unit Type - Bluetooth
Power Usage: Max 110mA at 3.3 VDC on Bluetooth connectioon
Power Source: Removable and rechargeable Lithium polymer (910mAh)
Temperature Range: -10C to 50C
Connectivity: Bluetooth
External Antenna Port: Yes
Antenna: Built-in ceramic patch antenna

Package Includes:
* User Guide: Easy to follow User Guide
* CD: SysOn GPS Viewer
* Cigarette Lighter Adapter: Charge whilst on the move
* Y Power connector: Power PDA as well as GPS receiver

  Detailed Iamges

sysonchip bluetooth gps reciever bt reciever bluetooth receiver


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