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More and more companies are turning to Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to improve their outside sales force productivity.  This article looks at what sales managers have found to be the major benefits of equipping their sales people with GPS technology.

Control labour costs
GPS tracking helps companies get a grip on labor costs, especially overtime.  Employees on the road typically keep their own vehicle history records and write their hours on a timecard each week. With the GPS system, those timesheets are replaced by precise reports printed straight from a computer, which list the history of each vehicle from the time it started to the time it finished, including how many stops it made and the length of each stop.  Thus work can be verified and analyzed.

Control Moonlighting
GPS tracking units monitor who, what, where and when your vehicles are or have been.  This puts controls on moonlighting.

Find Customers Quickly
If you just want to type in an address and go, there's nothing like GPS. Salespeople are finding GPS mapping hardware and software with step-by-step guides helpful in locating the exact address of customers in unfamiliar areas. 
  With a receiver and mapping software they can avoid delays due to heavy traffic, construction work, or road accidents so that they arrive on time and ready to do business. GPS technology helps sales people arrive unflustered, unscathed and on time.  

The detailed, accurate information available from GPS has made it popular within aviation, sea navigation, various outdoor activities and sports, and automotive vehicles. GPS equipment has become highly affordable over the past few years and Sales Managers have begun discovering the benefits of equipping their sales force with this technology.

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Contributed by: Dave Rogers



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