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Mighty Ranger Pro


$599 / unit

The Mighty Ranger PRO is different from the other small tracking systems. It is designed to report in on a regular basis to keep you informed of system integrity. Other systems rely on Geo-fencing to reduce battery consumption and can be compromised and disabled on premises without your knowledge. The Mighty Ranger PRO notifies you immediately if there is vibration.


The Mighty Ranger PRO is designed to bridge the gap between hard-wired systems and slap on units. With up to 240 days of battery life, the Mighty Ranger PRO provides a real advantage for investigators, law enforcement, and large vehicle/asset fleets.


-Mighty Ranger PRO GPS Tracker
-1 GPS Antenna (3 ft.)
-1 Battery Pack
-1 Rapid-Charger


How does the Ranger PRO Communicate?

The Mighty Ranger PRO uses the latest cellular data technology (GPRS) to provide reliable communications. The Mighty Ranger PRO contacts the server and sends location and status data as well as any data held in memory. The server acknowledges receipt of the data and then delivers any new instructions to the Ranger. This is a true two-way “real-time” connection (“SMS” is just one way with no acknowledgement).


If the Mighty Ranger PRO loses cellular service for any reason, travel information is held in memory (2000 positions) until the server is reached. It is then sent on for processing. Since bad cellular connections are always possible the internal memory assures that you get all of the travel data from your units.

Will the Cellular Feature Work in my Area?

The Mighty Ranger PRO uses AT&T Cellular-Data coverage to communicate with our Server(s). Tracking Products can activate your Ranger PRO the same day you receive your Tracker (in most cases), and you never have to contact AT&T.


To check the AT&T Data Coverage in your area please click here: AT&T Coverage Viewer (make sure you select the "Data" Coverage Map)

How Do I Get The GPS Tracking Data?

When you start your computer you sign on to the Internet in your usual way. Then you start the Mighty Ranger software and it automatically connects to the server. All of the data from your units is sent to your computer automatically in just a few seconds.


As the data is processed, the location of your units is displayed on the map and the routes and transit addresses are available for you to view, playback and print reports. The Mighty Ranger software uses the latest available maps from “GDT” providing accurate location and street information.


The Mighty Ranger PRO software will reconnect to the server every 2 minutes to gather more data from your units. If you keep an open Internet connection and leave the Mighty Ranger PRO software running in the foreground or background, the most recent location information on all of your units will continually be displayed.


Contact Us for Optional/Extra Accessories

2nd Battery Pack: $59.00

2nd GPS Antenna: $50.00

Rapid Charger: $39.00

        Carrying Case: $55.00