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iGPS-CF Receiver iGPS-CF Receiver (for PDAs)

Available for only $195




iGPS-CF Receiver

The Pharos iGPS-CF receiver is by far, the most accurate, smallest and fastest fully portable GPS unit available. Unlike traditional GPS receivers, which require separate antennas or wires, the iGPS-CF receiver from Pharos is an integrated receiver with a built-in patch antenna designed to fit directly into the Compact Flash or PCMCIA slot of a Pocket PC. Its enormous technological profile is counter-balanced by its ultra-small size. The iGPS-CF receiver was designed with wireless consumer applications in mind; the iGPS-CF receiver will give accurate readings from up to 12 satellites. The iGPS-CF receiver has an exceptional accuracy of 7-8 yards, which makes it ideal for accurate turn-by-turn mapping. The iGPS-CF Receiver is an inexpensive, flexible alternative to traditional navigation systems.