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Pharos Pharos GPS Navigator + StarCaddy Golf software

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Includes - Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator CompactFlash..

* iGPS receiver

* CF Adaptor
* CF Extension Cable
* Ostia navigation software
* Street-level maps (US or Canada)
* Car charger
* PDA Holder
* StarCaddy Golf GPS Software

Product Features - Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator CompactFlash..
iGPS-360 Convertible GPS Receiver Design

Use one GPS receiver for multiple configurations (i.e. CF, PCMCIA with adaptor, USB, sync cable, and Bluetooth)

True Voice Prompt

Turn-by-turn voice directions will guide you to your destination with ease and confidence

Multiple stop routing

Plan and optimize your entire schedule for the day or route around traffic congestion

Multiple navigation screen views

Choose from full map, directional arrow, arrow/map split screens, compass, or text directions depending on your navigation needs.

Integrated with Windows powered Pocket Outlook contacts

Choose a destination address quickly by simply finding an address from your Outlook contacts

Includes StarCaddy Golf GPS Software

Simple, map-based graphical interface with information on tees, yardage, and handicap for each holesee www.linkspoint.com for more information on the StarCaddy software

Specifications - Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator CompactFlash..
Chipset: SiRF StarIIe/LP
Antenna: Integrated patch antenna
Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz
Sensitivity: -140 dBm (typical)
Channels: 12 Channel all-in-view tracking

Acquisition time:
* Cold Start: 60 sec
* Warm Start: 40 sec
* Hot Start: 5 sec
Reacquisition: 0.1 sec
Position update: 1 Hz

* Position: 10 meters 2D-RMS, SA off
* Velocity: 0.1 meter/second, SA off
* Time: 1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time
* Datum: WGS-84

Electrical Power
Primary power: 3.3-5.5 Vdc
Current: 65 mA typical, 75 mA with blue LED

* Standard interface 3.0 V TTL
* Connect to Host Platform?s serial port via serial cable (RS-232)
* Connect to Host Platform?s USB port via USB cable
* Connect to Host Platform?s CF slot via CF adapter
* Communicate with Host Platform by BT via Bluetooth (Class2) serial port Bluetooth Dock

Protocol (NMEA-0183 (V2.3) standard)
Data rate: 4800 bps
NMEA message: GGA, GSA, GSV, and RMC
Trickle power: Programmable

Dimension: 55 mm x 49 mm x 16 mm
Weight: 40 grams

Operation temperature: -20C to 75C (-4F to 167F)
Storage temperature: -40C to 90C (-40F to 194F)

* Altitude < 20 km
* Velocity < 900 km/h
* Acceleration < 3g


Pharos Pharos GPS Golf, SD GPS receiver & StarCaddy Golf software (Psd61)

Pharos' iGPS-SD receiver is an ultra compact, highly sensitive, 12-channel GPS receiver that plugs directly into the secure digital port of a Pocket PC.
Compatible with SDIO devices, the iGPS-SD is now bundled with StarCaddy Golf software. The StarCaddy Golf software uses Pharos iGPS-SD receiver to give golfers accurate, GPS-based yardages on the golf course. Golfers can use StarCaddy to determine the exact yardage to any course feature (greens, hazards etc), keep score and take the guesswork out of their game. StarCaddy uses detailed digital course maps created from satellite and aerial imagery to display the exact position of the golfer and all course features.

Check out these key features:

# Pharos SDIO GPS Receiver; Small, compact Design
# "Ability to measure exact distances to the green, doglegs, sand traps, water hazards or any other course feature.
# "Information on tees, yardage and handicap for each hole.
# "Full color digital course maps available for thousands of courses.
# Electronic scorecard keeps track of score and side bets

Note: Some Pocket PCs may take longer to acquire GPS signal inside of a vehicle.

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Pharos Pharos GPS Golf, SD GPS receiver & StarCaddy Golf software (Psd61)