JNScore Single Chip Specification

JNScore - the most advanced and complete digital GPS/GLONASS chip for general use.

JNScore is a complete digital chip that includes over a dozen system blocks. The 50-Channel GPS/GLONASS/WAAS module incorporates the latest technology, including the In-Band Interference Suppression feature. It is ideal for standalone hand-held receivers as well applications involving larger systems. The dual processor characteristic of JNScore allows independent operation of different applications. For example, one processor can be dedicated to GPS/GLONASS tracking and position computation while the other processor is deployed for user interfaces like map displays. The big number of flexible GPS channels and chip's structure give possibility to use it in various GPS application, like reliable GPS/GLONASS/WAAS navigation, multi-antenna attitude receiver, GPS receiver with radio communication channels. It makes possible to underuse civil signal from all-in-view GPS satellites on the second and third GPS frequencies, that will be available in next few years. From the other side, the advanced power-saving technique implemented in chip and flexibility in reference oscillator and sampling frequency selection allow to use it in power-sensitive applications.

JNScore block diagram

Technology related information

50 GPS/GLONASS single frequency navigation channels

Two microprocessors with FPU coprocessors and on-chip SRAM

Video Adapter

Real Time Clock

Two FH/DSS Modem data framing channels

QUART: four RS232-C/Infrared Transceivers

IEEE 1284-compatible parallel interface controller

Keyboard Interface

Glue logic