The JNSChip

JNSChipAt the heart of our GPS technology is our JNSChip. It uses the state-of-the-art low power integrated circuit technology. In this single chip, we have integrated 40 universal super channels that each can track all signals of either L1 or L2 frequencies of either GPS or GLONASS, or can be used for high data rate (32 Kbit/sec) communication (patent pending).

The new GPS technology employed in JNSChip, provides enhancements in data quality and the ability to track satellites under adverse condition (low signal to noise). In particular it has new quality level for tracking GPS L2 in the presence of AS (Anti Spoof) - patent pending. In addition, C/A code has been implemented on all L2 channels in anticipation of possible inclusion of C/A code on L2.

The chip also includes 6 separate high data rate spread spectrum communication channels that operate both in frequency hopping (64 Kbit/second) and direct spread spectrum (32 Kbit/second.) Furthermore, our spread spectrum communication technique has perfect time synchronization using tight integration with GPS timing (patent pending).

Also integrated in this chip is an In-Band Interference Suppression (patent pending) that can simultaneously suppress up to 6 in-band interference sources.

The JNSChip also includes a new innovation in signal processing technique for multipath mitigation for both code and carrier which uses less hardware and better performance than other published techniques (patent pending).