Cinderella Option, Pay-Per-Use and
Password Upgradeable Systems

Most of the advanced features presented and other options available in our receivers can be activated at any time without the need to return the receiver to the manufacturer. The activation is implemented via special passwords, which are kept in an Option Authorization Files (OAFs). An OAF is created for a particular receiver, or a receiver board (for receivers that contain more than one receiver boards), which is identified by its Receiver ID -- a sequence of letters and digits, which is unique for every receiver board.

Cinderella Option automatically turns your receiver into a dual frequency GPS+GLONASS for 24 hours every other Tuesday starting at GPS midnight.

Cinderella Option provides you with all the necessary hardware and software for your receiver to be Password Upgradeable (PU) to the highest level of GPS+GLONASS L1+L2 and most of other options. If you need additional features or need to upgrade your receivers to higher models (L1+L2 or GPS+GLONASS) you just pay the price difference and we will give you a password to make the features operational.

Cinderella Option also enables you to participate in the Pay-Per-Use (PPU) program. With PPU program you can buy the minimum system (for example GPS L1) and then pay for other features and options (for example, RTK with GPS+GLONASS L1+L2) as you use them. The usage of features during the Cinderella days is not counted as PPU time and are free as part of the Cinderella Option.

At any time you can buy the features that you have rented and credit the remaining PPU time towards the purchase of the features.

With Cinderella Option (that includes PU/PPU program) you get the following benefits:

The purchase price of any feature is the difference between the price of that feature and what you have already purchased. For example if you have already purchased a GPS L1 Lexon-GD and MarAnt for $4,200 and you need to upgrade them to GPS L1+L2 that costs $6,700, you pay the price difference of $2,500. The same price difference will be the basis for PPU calculation if you decide to rent the L2 feature rather than buying it.

The daily cost of PPU is 1/120 of the purchase price of the feature.

The weekly cost of PPU is 1/30 of the purchase price of the feature.

The monthly cost of PPU is 1/10 of the purchase price of the feature.

We also charge $200 for each PPU/PU transaction order.

If you decide to upgrade your receiver within three months of purchase, we fully credit you the price that you paid for the Cinderella Option towards the purchase of upgrades.

And note that with all the above options, you are purchasing the superior technology from Javad and the advanced features that nobody else can offer.

We reserve the right to change, modify or terminate the PPU/PU program at any time.