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gps marine navigation

Marine Navigation




Waterproof, Anti-UV, Anti-acidity, Anti-alkalinity Protection
Low Power
Interference filter to Major VHS Band of Marine Radar
Accessory Y-cable Used for PDA
6-pin Super Mini Din Interface
Option Length: 10m/15m/30m

Marine Navigation GPS antenna with waterproof, anti-UV, anti-acidity, anti-alkalinity protection


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▪ Built-in patch antenna.
▪ 12 parallel tracking channels.
▪ Fast TTFF (time-to-first-fix) and low power consumption.
▪ On-board rechargeable battery sustained Real-Time Clock and control parameters memory for fast satellite acquisition during power-up.
▪ Automatic cold start without user reset.
▪ Interference filter to major VHF channels of marine radar.
▪ WAAS compliant with EGNOS support.



▪ Marine Navigation
▪ Fishing Aid
▪ Fleet Management
▪ Time Synchronization Control
▪ Vehicle Tracking
▪ Robotic


  Tech Specs


General: L1 1575.42MHz, C/A code, 12-channel, Carrier-Aided with HWTrack
Sensitivity -165dBW minimum
Accuracy: Position: 15m CEP without S/AVelocity: 0.1m/sec without S/ATime: 1ms
WAAS Accuracy Position: 5m CEPVelocity: 0.05m/sec
Acquisition Cold start: < 120sec (typical)Warm start: < 45sec (typical)Hot start: < 15sec
Reacquisition: <100msec
Dynamics Altitude: -1000m to + 18,000m
Velocity: 500m/sec
Acceleration: 4g

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 gps marine navigation