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GPS Sirf 

For GPS module pricing and further information, please contact us at

sirf gps module

* Build on high performance SiRF Star III chipset
* 20 channels ˇ§All-in-Viewˇ¨ tracking
* Integrated ARM7TDMI CPU with software engineering services and
* On chip 4Mb SRAM
* On-board RTCM SC-104 DGPS and WAAS /EGNOS Demodulator
* Multi-path Mitigation Hardware
* Support Accurate 1PPS Output Signal Aligned with GPS Timing
* Reacquisition TimeˇG0.1 seconds
* Programmable Flash version
* Dual TTL level serial ports with one for GPS receiver command message
* Interface, another one for RTCM-104 DGPS input
* -140dBm acquisition sensitivity, -159dBm tracking sensitivity
* < 1 second hot start (avg.), < 42 second cold start (avg.)


download spec sheet

download data sheet