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The GD30L is a high performance GPS recorder and vehicle tracking system for passive tracking applications, with memory card technology for the storage of a large amount of GPS tracking data. It allows recording of hours, days, weeks, months or even years of GPS positions. This tracking system can records set soft data in Multi Media Cards (MMC), the memory card's size and parameter settings can define the length of the time for recorded data, and MMC cards are available in 16MB, 32MB, 64MB and 128MB capacities. The included 32MB MMC card can record up to 400,000 GPS way points.

The recording interval can be set from 1 second to 30 minutes by setting the DIP switches on the unit, no PC attachment is necessary for configuration. The same set of switches configure the NMEA GPS sentences that should be recorded, with available options for $GPGGA, $GPGLL, $GPGSA, $GPGSV and $GPVTG. The recorded GPS data can easily be transferred to a PC using widely available MMC memory card adapters or MMC memory card readers.

* Features It can record 125000 sets of data as min and store them in MMC card or other storing devices.
* Interval of recording data is from 3 seconds to 30 minutes.
* The standard MMC card is taken as portable data storing medium to support 16MB, 32MB,128MB MMC card, a 32MB MMC card can record up to 400,000 data.
The recorded data includes: date, time, longitude, latitude, speed, trajectory, and number of tracking satellites.

The GD30-L include the following items:
gd30l gps

* GD30-L GPS Data Logger Unit
* MMC 32 Mb
* GPS Antenna
* Car charger
* Mounting kit

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