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This l
ow-profile GPS / GSM or AMPS antenna is one of our latest versions of a dual purpose mobile antenna. It comes standard with a 5 meter cable, operates on 3-5VDC and has SMA connector. Custom design versions are available for minimum orders of 100 units.

The combination of a high gain GPS antenna and -1 dBi GSM band antenna is ideal for those applications that require durability, small size, covert installation and rugged construction. This antenna is specifically designed for fixed location, permanent mount applications. These antennas are waterproof and comply with automotive temperature and vibration standards.


* Antenna
o Frequency: 1575::1::3 MHz
o VSWR: 2.0 Max.
o Bandwidth: 10MHz Min.
o Impedance: 50 .0.
o Peak Gain: 4 dBic Min.
o Gain Coverage: G;-4 dBic at - 900 ~ (J ~90 (over 75% volume)
o Power Handling: 1 watt
o Polarization: RHCP
o Amplifier Gain without cable 27dB Typical
o Noise Figure: 1.5 dB Typical
o Output VSWR 2.0 Max.
o Filtering: -25 dB (::I:: 100 MHz)
o DC Voltage: DC 3 to 5 V
o DC Current: 22 mA Max.

* Dipole Antenna
o Frequency: 824 - 894 MHz
o VSWR: 2.0 : 1
o Impedance: 50.0.
o Peak Gain: 3 dBd Min.
o Polarization: Linear
o Pattern Type: Omni-direction

* Mechanical
o Weight: ~ 380 gram
o Size: 86X60X26 mm (without dipole antenna) 86X60X303 mm (with dipole antenna)
o Cable: GPS: RG - 174/U with 5 meter long, Cellular: RG-58/U with 5 meter long
o Connector: GPS: SMA (plug) , Cellular: TNC (plug)
o Mounting: Thread permanent mount
o Housing Color: Black

* Environmental
* Working Temp.: -40 C - +85 C
* Storage Temp.: -40 C - +85 C
* Vibration: Sine sweep, IG (0-P),10-150-10Hz each axis Humidity: 95% -100% RH
* Weatherproof: 100%waterproof