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Waterproof GPS Tracker for Heavy Vehicles

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Minimum order quantity of @ $330/unit



The MG2-NHV is a waterproof, dust proof, shock resistant GPS/GPRS/SMS tracking system, specially designed for equipment, motorcycle, plant, crane, asset tracking and security. It uses the latest SiRF III GPS module and Siemens GPRS module.  It has multiple inputs and outputs, shock sensor, temperature sensor, oil tank sensor, and digital camera for image real time monitoring, it can also connect with mobile data display and phone kit as ExtremTrac model ET700-N does.


•  Work on GSM/SMS or GSM/GPRS , 850/900/1800/1900Mhz.
•  More input port and output port
•  Control: Output port control relay to shut down the car.
•  Control: Output port control relay to cut power or fuel.
•  Central locking
•  Position by distance/time
•  Emergency alarm
•  Over speed alarm
•  Power cut alarm
•  Shock sensor alarm
•  Geo-fence alarm
•  Wire cut off alarm
•  Timing self-check system integration
•  Intelligent remote comtrol
•  Voice monitoring
•  10,000 pieces of data storage when GPRS/SMS disconnected
•  Support TCP/UDP

•  SOS Button input
•  Engine start check
•  Input for other car alarm system
•  starter kill relay output
•  RS232 data port
•  Microphone Port for voice monitoring
•  Handset mobile phone connector
•  Mobile data terminal connetor
•  Electronic locker
•  Taxi odometer
•  Temperature sensor
•  Oil tank sensor
•  Digital camera input for image transmission

Technical Data


Technical parameter

Working voltage

8 36V/DC

Power source anti- ties


Working electric current

Average 110mA @ DC 12V

Sleeping 45mA @DC 12V

Unit size

88 62.5 32.5 mm L x W x H

Net weight

0.26kg ( Outer cover of Aluminium alloy )

Digital transmission Frequency

 GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

GPS performance

Tracks up to 12 satellites of GPS Position precision<15 meters CEP without SA Cold start time< 48 sec. Warm start time< 38 sec., average Hot start time: <8 seconds ,average

Audio port

1 microphone plug

Input port

1 route low voltage check 0~1V/DC

1 route ACC/Start check 7~60V/DC

2 routes high voltage chek 7~60V/DC

Output port

1 route relay control 500 mA @ DC 12V

Data port

One RS-232 series port

+ 5V/DC, 500mA (max) power supply


GPS SMA connection

- 26dB

Cable length 5meters

GSM SMA connection

- 3dB

Cable length 3meters

Working temperature

-10 ℃ ~ + 70

Working humidity 

5% 95%

Store temperature  

-25 ℃ ~ + 85

Backup battery

Nickel- hydrogen 4.8V/DC 800 mAh

GPS dynamic Conditions:

Altitude 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max

Velocity 515 meters / second (1000 knots) max

Acceleration 4G , max

GPRS feature

2 Watts EGSM (GSM900 Class 4)

1 Watt GSM1800 (DCS1800 Class 1)

GPRS class 10

Audio support (with echo-cancellation and noise reduction)

Data transfer modes:


SMS PDU (buffered with up to 4 positions per SMS)


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