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GPS Module

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-159dBm SiRF star III LP

Click here to download: Datasheet

The MTG-S02 GPS Module is a high sensitivity SiRFIII GPS module. It designed for a broad spectrum of OEM system applications. The MTG-S02 will track up to 20 satellites at a time while providing fast time-to-first-fix and 1Hz navigation updates. The MTG-S02 design utilizes the latest surface mount technology and high level circuit integration to achieve superior performance while minimizing dimension and power consumption. This hardware capability combined with software intelligence makes the board easy to be integrated and used in all kinds of navigation applications or products.

 GPS Chip: high performance SiRF III
 Channels: up to 20 CH L1 “All-in-View” tracking
 Sensitivity: Tracking – 159 dBm
 Average Cold Start/ Warm Start/ Hot Start: 42 sec/38 sec/1 sec.
 Power Consumption: 40mA
 Dimension (mm) : 19x19x2.6


 Fleet management or asset tracking
 Personal portable navigation (PDA, pocket PC and more)
 Location based services enabled device
 Sports and recreation
 Geographic surveying

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