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Outdoor Gear Essentials: GPS Navigation
A GPS is useful for all outdoor activities:

* Mark the location of good places to set up camp and mark off dangerous areas that you want to steer clear of
* Record fishing hotspots or places with great scenery so that you can easily find them again on your next trip
* Use GPS and your two way radio to communicate your location for an impromptu rendezvous with fellow hunters
* If you get in trouble, use a GPS unit to communicate your exact position to rescue teams

Other safety tools to consider in addition to a good GPS receiver are a UHF and VHF portable two-way radio like the Motorola Talkabout and the Kestrel Weather Instruments. This can tell you different things such as wind velocity, wind chill, temperature, etc.

What else can you use a GPS for? Click here to find out:





Highly rated item of the month: (excellent reviews)
pcmcia card for gps
  • PCMCIA type II.
  • Lower power consumption design, 3.3-106mA / 38mA Trickle power.
  • High sensitivity receiver
  • Embedded with low noise-figure active antenna
  • Compatible and tested with all major maps and PDAs
  • External active antenna connector port
  • Providing true mobile handheld navigation solution

    $129 Consumer PCMCIA Model: Ideal for Personal Applications

    pc card gps specs