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NavStik GPS

Navstik Receiver:     Discontinued

NavStik USB GPS w/ MS StreetsTrips2008:     Discontinued

- NavStik USB GPS for laptop
- This awesome, real pocket-size gadget, fits in a laptop bag
- A must have for each prudent tradesman and traveler. Say goodbye to all the "getting lost" excuses!
- When innovation meets navigation an unparalleled transformation occurs
- Transform your laptop into your personal navigation solution
- Offering the latest advancements in navigation (SiRF starIII) this device is sure to become your favorite travelling companion
- First GPS dongle in the market, combines modern design elements with compact efficiency while weighing in at mere ounces
- Designed to work with virtually any USB enabled laptop
- Takes laptop navigation to the next level, ensuring you arrive safely, efficiently and on time to your destination
- Receiver type: 20-channel, L1 frequency, C/A code
- Horizontal position accuracy: < 2.0 m (WAAS), (50% 24hr static, -130 dBm), < 2.5 m (Autonomous)
- Velocity accuracy: < 0.01 m/s (speed), < 0.01 (heading), (50%@30 m/s)
- Time to first fix: hot start: < 1sec; warm start: < 35sec; cold start: < 42sec (50% -130 dBm) (Autonomous)
- Green LED blinks as position is fixed
- USB A-type male plug connector
- Black

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