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Mobile Asset Tracking

gps monitoring for containers and cargo

This GPS unit is ideal for locating and monitoring valuable mobile assets in remote locations, such as trailers, railcars, boats, cargo containers, and construction equipment, It is an affordable, dependable, GPS enabled satellite transmitter that automatically provides critical location and status updates of key assets in near real time to your location. Easily deployed and easier to use than other satellite solutions, this unit is small, low cost, easily configured and re-deployable amongst multiple assets. Power-efficient, can run on AA batteries, and can interface to a variety of analog and digital sensors.

Knowing the location and status of remote mobile assets is critical for:

  • Tracking cars cargo containers and other vehicles in AVL applications
  • Theft deterrence and asset protection
  • Improved equipment management
  • Making better decisions in deploying essential vehicles and cargo
  • Improving driver/operator security and safety
  • Improving cost efficiencies through more intelligent deployment of equipment
  • Help eliminate lost assets, such as trailers and train box cars or flatbeds
  • Creating accurate equipment usage logs for tracking maintenance, billing rental equipment and resolving questions concerning equipment location
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  Volume Purchases

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