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Mighty GPS Tracking Products

       MightyGPS Tracking Products


Welcome to MightyGPS Tracking Solutions.

Find data loggers and real time tracking solutions for end users and commercial resellers.


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Real Time (Active Tracking) (what is real-time tracking?)



GPS Tracking with OBD


* Plug n play

* $0 installation

* Rapid deployment

Top of the Line Unit:

* Tracking Device, w/ OBD

* Versatile and economical diagnostic device

* GSM/GPRS network.

* Monitor location, speed, and many other codes available on the OBD port of vehicles.

$180 / Unit


$19.99 Per Month Tracking Service




Economical GPS tracking

Economical Tracker


(BT LMU 700)


Vehicle Tracker


* Auto
* Taxis
* Buses
* Trucks
* Fleets
* Limos
* Teen drivers
* Pool Service

Top of the Line Unit:

* Most economical vehicle, fleet tracker
* Built-in antenna and harness
* 3 Inputs/3 Outputs
* 3 Axis Accelerometer for Motion Sense
* Built-in backup battery battery (MG800LMU unit)
* Built-in antenna and harness

* Ignition on/off
* Internal antennas
* Permanent installation

$220 / Unit


$19.99 Per Month Tracking Service




TTGU 1200 GPS Tracker



Trailer Tracker


* Trailer tracking attachment
* Cargo, Ramp trailers

* Tanker trailers
* Stolen trailer recovery
* Storage unit tracker

Top of the Line Unit:

* Highly customizable Trailer tracking device

* 500 message cycles on fully charged battery pack

* A variety of options for custom configurations

* 3 axis acceleromerer for motion sensing

* 3 input/3 output

* A large variety of customization options
* 6 months of battery life
* Built-in motion sensor
* Rechargable battery

$265 / Unit


$19.99 Per Month Tracking Service




LGMU 1100 GPS Tracker



Harsh Environment Tracker


* Boats
* Jet Skis
* Bikes
* Motor Cycles

Top of the Line Unit:* For use in harsh environments with Water and Dust Resistant Case
* 3-Axis accelerometer
* Marine, Motorcycle, Trailer applications
* Internal antennas
* Internal battery back-up
* 1 Input/1 Output
* Water and Dust Resistant

$265 / Unit


$19.99 Per Month Tracking Service




Mobile Locating Unit



Top of the Line Unit:

* Mobile Locating Unit

* GSM band: Full quadband
* Back up Battery: Yes
* Communication method: GSM, GPRS, UDP
* Digital Inputs: 3
* Made in: USA

$280 / Unit


$19.99 Per Month Tracking Service



TTGU_700 GPS Tracker



Asset Tracker


* Track valuable assets
* Trailers
* Gas Tanks
* Mowers
* Golf Carts

Top of the Line Unit:

* GPRS Long term, compact Trailer Tracking device

* 5000 message cycles on fully charged battery pack

* Powerful tracking ability in a small package

* Sealed and rugged enclosure

* Built-in motion sensor

* Long term battery

$285 / Unit


$19.99 Per Month Tracking Service



BT LMGU 4200

GPS Tracker



Top of the Line Unit:

* Enterprise Location Messaging Unit
* GSM/GPRS or CDMA 1x cellular configurations
* 10,000 buffered message log
* 3-Axis accelerometer
* WI-FI available
* 3 serial ports
* Two 1-wire interaces
* Temperature probe available
* 8 Inputs/8 Outputs
* Available Temperature probe

$350 / Unit


$19.99 Per Month Tracking Service




Berry Tracker


* Easily Monitor all devices in field

* Worldwide coverage, 24/7 availability

* All-in-one solution, saves you time, money and frustration

* Panic button function for emergency situations

* Complete history and reporting options available

* Mileage Tracking

* Geofence zone alerts

* Remotely & invisibly deploy to 1000’s of handsets*

$19.99 Per Month Tracking Service

trim trac

TrimTrac GPS


* Personal Tracker

* Self powered, 4 AA batteries

* GSM/GPRS connectivity

* Weather proof casing

$195 / Unit


$59.95 Per Month Tracking Service

Endurance GPS


* Personal tracking device

* Self powered

* Quad Band GSM. GPRS connectivity

* High sensitivity chipset

* Simple


$179 / Unit


$59.95 Per Month Tracking Service

personal tracker

Endurance Pro GPS


* Personal tracking device with alonger batter life

* Self powered

* Quad Band GSM. GPRS connectivity

* High sensitivity chipset

* Simple


$225 / Unit


$59.95 Per Month Tracking Service

fleet management avl Fleet Management AVL

* Extruded Aluminum Enclosure
* Internal Back-Up Battery
* Quad-Band GSM Transceiver
* Power Cable with Fuse and Ignition Monitoring Detection
* I/O Cable, * GSM/GPS Antennas
* 4-Digital Inputs, * 1-Analog Input, * 4-Digital Outputs

$235 / Unit


$59.95 Per Month Tracking Service

fleet tracker basic Fleet Tracker Basic

* Compatible for anywhere in the world

* Hard Install design; Ruggedized

* GSM/GPRS Connectivity

* 2.6" W x 3.6" L X 1.0" H

$339 / Unit


$29.95 Per Month Tracking Service

flextrack Mini FlexTrack

* Personal tracking device

* Self powered

* 200MB hard disk space

* GSM/GPRS connectivity

* (accessories available)

$239 / Unit


$59.95 Per Month Tracking Service

global asset tracking

Global Asset Tracker

Very Long Life Battery!

* GAT-Pro wakes up every 1-40 hours and sends the info and then return to deep sleep

*   GAT-Pro can standby 1000days. 

* with built-in motion sensor, GAT-Pro can also detect the motion of asset all the time and give a warning message.




gprs gps



* Personal & Asset Tracker

* GPRS connectivity

* Self powered

* Motion sensors

* Size: 5.43" x 4.06" x 2.12"

$380 / Unit


$59.95 Per Month Tracking Service

Free GPS tracking

S Tracker


*  Optional paid unlimited data plan of 1min, 10seconds, 5 seconds or 3 seconds interval real-time data update.

*  Battery life lasts 2 weeks with 2 hours of driving per day.

*  Online user friendly web-based google map application

*  Simultaneous 2D and 3D real-time gps tracking and historical playback

* Records route, speed, direction and every stop the driver makes

* Low battery alets, Speed alerts, Arrival and Departure alerts.

* Driving activity text reports, Mileage Logger

* 12 month Manufacturer Warranty

$399 / Unit


Tracking Service

(5min updates)


Garmin Integrated Tracker

* With the NEW X5NT series, you now have COMPLETE control over your fleet with the
added integration of any Garmin® nüvi® and dēzl™ series devices.

$499 / Unit


$35 Per Month Tracking Service

covert gps pro Covert GPS Pro  

$1620 / Unit


$59.95 Per Month Tracking Service

Available for Volume Orders Only: OEM Recomended!

GPS Tracker


Top of the Line Unit:

* Personal & Asset GPS Tracker capabilities

* Self powered (2AAA batteries)

* 64mm x 46mm x 17mm

* Self contained active antenna

* GSM/GPRS connectivity



$17 Per Month Tracking Service


Mighty NV-X


* Vehicle/Fleet GPS Tracker

* Low Cost

* GSM/GPRS/GPS Connectivity

* 80(L)x60(W)x25(H) mm

* External antenna


web based gps tracking


* Asset or Personal tracker

* Industrial mag mounts included

* GPS/GPRS Connectivity

* UPD/TCP support

* Can connect to external power source for recharging and backup

* 5.1cm x 7.1cm x 1.8 cm


mighty gps itrack

Mighty GPS iTrack

Hardware only


* GPRS / GSM Network

* Vehicle Fleet GPS Tracker

* GPS/GPRS connectivity



cube gps

Cubed Tracker


* Up to 5.000 location / activation messages can be saved (automatically)
* Built-in motion sensor
* Timer backup battery will last up to 5+ years
* Magnetic mounting
* Highly accurate uBlox LEA5S GPS module
* Stand-by time up to 3 yrs (deep sleep mode)
* IP-65 rated casing
* Location reports at particular date/day/times
* 5500 mA or 11000 mA built in battery

$370 / Unit


$59.95 Per Month Tracking Service

Mighty GPS Ranger covert

Mighty GPS Ranger+

* GPRS Network * Made in America


tracker digital

Mighty Ranger Pro

* 240-Day Battery Life Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

* Weather-Proof

* Made in America



cdma gps tracker





RF (radio frequency) GPS

rf gps


Real Time RF Tracking:

* No monthly fees

* Radio transmitter for data communication

* Suitable for vehicles travelling a short range (35 miles line of sight)

* GPS Tracker with Radio Frequency Connectivity

* Long range units available in 900 MHz using 140 millawatt




Personal Tracking Devices

Personal Trackers are useful for applications such as Tracking Lone Worker Safety; Personal family Safety; Special needs elderly and young


Spot GPS Tracker



ankle tracker

Ankle Tracker




Asset Tracking (Satellite Based tracking for containers, construction sites, etc)

 Asset Tracking: Protect the safety and integrity of physical assets/ vehicles/ containers/ etc; Maintain territorial view on field service and sales staff; Ensure assets are deployed efficiently and routed accordingly


gps waterproof tracking

Waterproof GPS Tracker

* Waterproof Asset Tracker

* Ideal for hardwire options for moped, motorcycle tracking, or assets that have their own power source

* Back up battery available, sensor reporting, custom I/O, deep sleep mode functionality

* GSM/GPRS Connectivity



global asset tracking

Global Asset Tracker

Very Long Life Battery!

* Up to 3 yrs in Standby Mode

* Asset and Personal Tracker

* Deep sleep mode

* Self powered

* GSM/GPRS Connectivity

* Extended battery life available

* Extra sensor I/O inputs

* Size: 90.5x 39 x 15.5 mm




Asset Tracker


$ 389

mobile asset tracking

Mobile Asset Tracking


$ Contact us

aircraft tracking

Aircraft Tracking


$ Contact us



AVL Modules  - Real Time GPS Development Modules / Chips (Special orders only - Email to Enquire)

AVL GPS Module

BGVT-721 AVL GPS Module



$ Contact us






$ Contact us


Personal Alarm


Personal Alarm


$ Contact us


GPS Detectors

GPS Detector

GPS Detector

Detect AND Locate All Major Eavesdropping Bugs and Taps Including:
- GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices





Wi-Fi Tracking - Laptops, iPhones, Blackberries, iPods, iPads, MacBooks

track your blackberry


Track Blackberries


track your smartphone


Track Smartphones


track stolen laptops

Track Stolen Laptops!




Water Craft Marine Real Time Tracking

gps marine water craft tracking

GPS Watercraft Tracking





Data Loggers  (Passive Tracking - no monthly fees) (what is passive tracking?) (comparision)

Data Loggers – provide a record of where they have been.  Download onto maps and create reports.  No monthly access fee.  Connect to computer and download.

datalogger usb gps  stick

 GPS Trip Stick

* 2MB memory, usb powered

* USB Stick Data logger unit


datalogger stick

M GPS - 730

* 2MB memory, with battery life up to 18 hours (before recharge)

* USB Stick Data logger unit


Mighty GPS TrackStick Pro





M GPS - TrackStick Pro

* 4 MB Memory, * Records speed, distance, elevation, lat. long & ambient temperature,

* Powered by 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter or can be hardwired

* Includes permanent mounting bracket


* 64MB memory

* Built-in rechargeable 750mAh Li-ion battery

* SMALL size (only 1.5" x 1.5")
* Up to 120 hours of data
* Water resistant for outdoor use

tracking key new - Tracking Key 2

* 2 AAA batteries

* Average battery life of 2 weeks with standard Alkaline batteries, 3 weeks with Lithium batteries

* Storage Capacity: 100 hours Driving Time

tracking key Tracking Key

* 2 AAA batteries

* Average battery life of 2 weeks with standard Alkaline batteries, 3 weeks with Lithium batteries

* Storage Capacity: 100 hours Driving Time


super trackstick

M GPS - Super TrackStick

* 4 MB Memory, * Records speed, dist., elevation, lat. long & ambient temperature, * 2 AAA Batteries

* Battery life avg up to 10 days, * Includes belt clip and magnetic mount

LAS3100 LAS 3100 * 4 AA batteries are good for 30 days with average driving.
* Records 300 hours of driving
gps tracking


* 2 AA batteries, * Up to 100 hours of flash memory $249

Mighty Scout

M GPS Scout

* Industrial strength casing, * Up to 18 days battery life (AA batteries), * Covert

* Made in America




gps video

M GPS Logger with Video

* Powered by the vehicle with cigarette lighter adapter (included)

* Uses up to a 2GB SD card



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