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MapCruiserMapCruiser™ brings electronic charting to a whole new level. Whether on land or on water MapCruiser™ will help you get exactly where you want to go. In addition to such features as chart quilting and real-time GPS tracking, MapCruiser™ has the fastest and smoothest map-viewing and handling capabilities…
Map Cruiser
Nav-Aid Creation
Multiple Chart Quilting
navsim charts
NavSim's NavManager

mapcruiser features

Here is a list of the features of MapCruiser™:

* Route planning
* Customizable markers
* Personalized zones
* Real–time GPS tracking
* Advanced chart printing
* Advanced chart quilting
* Log book and image gallery
* NavManager – Navigate quickly through all user data
* Importing and exporting of user data

Effortless and Seamless Quilting between Maps and Different Projections
MapCruiser™ allows the user to move from one map to another without the hassle of actually retrieving the second map. Even if both maps are in different scales, MapCruiser™ will handle the transition for you seamlessly.

Faster and Smoother Panning and Zooming
MapCruiser™ has the competition beat when it comes to panning and zooming! No other product on the market pans as fast and as smooth as MapCruiser™.

Eliminates Annoying Screen Flicker
With MapCruiser™, screen flicker is a thing of the past! Clear imagery and crisp visuals make MapCruiser™ a pleasure to use and view.

Extremely Intuitive and User Friendly
At every stage of development, MapCruiser™ has kept the end user in mind with intuitive design and user friendly functionality.

Complete “All-In-One” Map management System
MapCruiser™ alone will handle all your map viewing and Map Management needs.

mapcruiser nautical software system requirements
To run MapCruiser™ your system must meet the following requirements.

Minimum System Requirements

* Windows 98, Me, NT 4.0 with SP 6a, 2000, XP, Server 2003
* Internet Explorer 5.0 or above for .NET Framework
* 64 MB RAM
* 100 MB free HD space
* 300 Mhz CPU
* 800 x 600 display
* 16 bit Color

chart compatibility
MapCruiser™ is compatible with the following types of charts and maps.

* NDI - Nautical Data International (BSB)
* Maptech (BSB, Topo, RML, Tiff Data)
* SoftChart (NOS)
* ETopo (JPR)
* GeoTiff



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BoatCruiser 2.0

Now you can have it all - the best marine GPS navigation software and the newest C-MAP MAX charts for any world region all in one box.

BoatCruiser 2.0 offers all of the advanced navigation and easy to use planning features that you need, including support for all major marine instruments and compatibility with the widest of variety of chart formats.

Powerful new features have been added to suit boaters' individual needs and preferences:

* Customizable Layouts provide the unprecedented flexibility of choosing the size and location of all navigation consoles and displays on the screen. Choose a full screen display, a giant view of your Speed Over Ground (SOG), a plotter-like Quad display, the Highway View and Depth Sounder or all four at once. BoatCruiser makes it easy.
* The Device Finding Wizard in our Quick Start Menu automatically locates and configures your marine instruments(eg. GPS, Autopilot). The Chart Import Wizard finds and imports all of the charts you wish to view.
* Fuel Consumption and Cost Calculator estimates the amount and the cost of fuel needed to arrive safely at your destination.
* Automatic Identification System (AIS) ensures that you are always aware of other vessels in the area as well as their size, speed and heading.
* Automatic Updates are uploaded whenever you are hooked up to the Internet ensuring that you always have the latest version of the program.

BoatCruiser 2.0 also contains all of the Easy to Use Planning Tools and Powerful Navigation Features to ensure a safe journey:
* One-click Unlimited Route Planning
* Customizable Markers
* Zones and Zones Alarms (on Entry or Exit)
* Seamless Chart Quilting
* High-Resolution Chart Printing
* Course Up, Chart Up,True North and Magnetic North Up
* Chart Rotation
* Unique Customizable Screen Displays
* Tides and Currents
* Marinas, Points of Interest and Locations Search
* Night and Dusk Displays
* Parallel Index Line
* Man Overboard
* Multiple Marine Instrument Support including GPS, AIS, Autopilot, ARPA/MARPA and Depth Sounder

Chart Support C-MAP MAX, Maptech, NDI Digital Ocean, NOAA ENC S-57, QV, SoftChart, E-Topo

customizable boat cruiser
Customizable Layouts
Perspective C-MAP MAX View
boat cruizer
Quick Start Menu
boatcruiser images
Fuel Consumption and Cost Calculator
BSB Chart
AIS on BSB Chart



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