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rayming iguidance

iGuidance Europe

* Software only (single DVD disc w/ Quick Start Guide)
* New Navteq digital map data covering Western Europe
* 6 language options
* Includes both PC/laptop and Pocket PC versions
* Standard format: DVD

Product Overview:

* Enhanced memory management for longer distance routing *see note below
* 4 pre-defined map color themes
* Single click POI navigation from onscreen icon (name/phone displayed if available)
* Real time weather report (internet access required via LAN, BT, mobile phone, Wi-Fi, etc)
* Turn-by-turn visual instructions with voice prompts
* Automatic and dynamic rerouting for wrong turns
* Search by city or street first, intersection, city centre, POI, favourites, and recent
* POI destinations with subcategories (listed by alphabetical order, distance, or city)
* Maneuver guidance screen
* Route list display
* Quickest, shortest, local, major, ferry, and toll route options
* Automatic day/night map color switching
* Record and play route/track
* Detour by "avoid" roads
* Customizable hot keys for quick command (for PDA)
* Default (pre-set) hot keys for quick command (for laptop)
* Stopover setting
* Automatic and dynamic rerouting for wrong turns
* Special safety features (speed and fog alert)
* Status box displaying trip info including ETA, distance, remaining time, and speed
* Easy to use keypad for name entry

*User needs to load maps for all countries and/or regions passing through. Total route distance capability will be limited to SD/CF card memory capacity.

* Digital map from Navteq
* Easily select map region by country, region, or by city/radius
* Detailed map display w/ street names
* Zoom in and out
* Trip information

Visual Display
* Enhanced 3D display (3 angle options)
* VGA & landscape view support
* Full screen mode for laptop (manual) and PDA (automatic)
* Geo-features differentiating lands, body of water, airport, etc
* Large finger accessible buttons
* Intuitive menu options
* Distance indication bar
* Automatic color modes for day and night display
* Bright colors for visual enhancement

* Turn-by-turn voice prompts in 6 language options
* Automatic voice alerts before each turn/exit
* Repeat voice direction feature
* Multiple distance notification for each maneuver

Western Europe Map Coverage
Austria 85mb
Belgium 46mb
Denmark 43mb
Finland 248mb
North 59mb
East 54mb
South 53mb
West 98mb
France/Andorra/Monaco 651mb
Ile-de-France 37mb
North East 87mb
South East/Monaco 82mb
North West 105mb
South West/Andorra 89mb
Central 72mb
Germany 403mb
Bayern 94mb
Hessen Saarland/Rheinland-Pfaiz 70mb
Nordrhein-Westfalen North 55mb
Hamburg, Niedersachsen, Bremen Schleswig-Holstein 71mb
Berlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommem, Sachsen-Anhalt/Brandenburg 50mb
Baden-Wurttemberg 65mb
Nordrhein-Westfalen South 37mb
Sachsen and Thuringen 43mb

Italy 327mb
North West 86mb
Central/San Marino/Vatican City 96mb
South 95mb
North East 80mb
Luxembourg 3mb
Netherlands 35mb
Norway 86mb
Portugal 35mb
Spain 134mb
North East 46mb
South/Gibraltar 41mb
North Wes 48mb
The Canary Islands 8mb
Sweden 179mb
Eastern region 55mb
Western region 53mb
Northern region 77mb
Switzerland/Liechtenstein 69mb
United Kingdom/irish Republic 211mb
South East 51mb
Midlands/South West/Channel Isl 66mb
North/Isle of Man 51mb
Northern Ireland 5mb
Scotland 31mb
Wales 18mb
Irish Republic 12mb


* Software includes both laptop and pocket PC versions
* Main program: approx. 11MB (PDA), 33MB (PC)
* Map data size: approx. 2.4GB
* Compatible Operating Systems:

* PC version: Windows ME/NT/2000/XP
* PPC version: Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE

iGuidance works with any GPS receivers that are based on the NMEA protocol using RS232, USB, CF, or bluetooth interface. USB-based receivers must come with an USB-to-Serial bridge driver that is Microsoft certified in order to work with iGuidance on your laptop. This driver is provided by the gps receiver manufacturer.

Minimum System Requirements:
Laptop: DVD ROM drive, USB port (for USB receiver), minimum 256MB memory, PII CPU or above
PPC: ARM CPU ONLY, minimum 64MB on-board memory recommended