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"GPS Wedge Software for G30-L, GPSCube" GPS Wedge Software
GPS Software   Model  Description  
  GPS Wedge Soft Software for Stafindr AVL and  
    G30-L GPS Datalogger    



Latest version: 2.10 released Feb. 3, 2005
The GPS Wedge software allows convenient downloading and conversion of data logged by the Starfindr and G-30 GPS datalogger products. It also supports operation with a standard NMEA GPS receiver and allows data to be exported as NMEA sentences ($GPRMC) for use with other applications and supports writing of logged GPS data to Microsoft ADO compliant relational databases. A new feature has also been added that allows information from the GPS datalogger to be 'injected' into other GPS mapping applications that expect a GPS receiver to be attached directly to a COM port.

A demonstration version of the software may be downloaded via links provided below. This is the full version but limited to downloading 100 records, a purchased license key unlocks the software. The license covers free upgrades for the life of the product. There are quite a few new and exciting features planned for release in the near future.

This includes the following raster map formats which may be georeferenced using the industry standard ESRI World File format:

KAP (BSB nautical chart)
BMP (Windows bitmap)
PCX (Paintbrush)
TGA (Targa)
PNG (Portable network graphics)
ECW (ERMapper)

Vector map layers in the following formats are also automatically loaded:

SHP (ArcInfo)
TAB (MapInfo)
AGF (AtlasGIS)
DWG (Autocad)


  • Works with all NMEA GPS receivers
  • Enhanced support for GPS Cube and G-30 GPS dataloggers
  • Includes support for GPRS Cube and StarFindr AVL
  • Allows export to Microsoft ADO relational databases
  • Map viewer supports wide variety of maps
  • Free map sample data included
  • Exported NMEA records can be replayed through 3rd party software packages
  • Exports to Microsoft MapPoint pushpins
  • Has support for AVL (GSM, GPRS and CDMA)
  • Ideal for vehicle tracking and asset tracking
  • Maps and GPS tracks may be printed and stored for analysis
  • Tracking mode allows replay of logged GPS data on map