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Radio frequency GPS Tracking & Logging System

Actual size:
(inches) 4.3 X 2.61 X 1.54
(millimeters) 109 x 66 x 39
Housed in a anodized water resistant aluminum enclosure.

Designed for world-wide vehicle and personnel GPS tracking without cellular network requirements. World RF Tracker is a financially feasible solution for real-time GPS tracking and data logging which does not require cellular coverage, monthly service charges, or set up costs.

Long range units available in 900 MHz using 140 millawatt.

140 millawatt units are capable of tracking up to 15 miles. For increased range simply use an additional receiver station to at as a repeater, doubling the coverage area. The system uses an advanced long range spread spectrum radio link to connect to all transmitter units in range.

Simultaneous multi-unit tracking.
Easily keep track of multiple targets in remote locations. The advanced data stream enables multiple units to be tracked simultaneously with high security 256-bit AES encryption.

Live GPS tracking or data logging units.

World RF Tracker is not designed to record historical data and track live simultaneously.

Units are available for data logging or live tracking only.

The transmitter units can be remotely controlled by the base and either record position data to memory, or transmit real-time position data. From the base station, the operator can query the transmitter units operating in the area, and all in range units will respond.

In data logging units, the transmitters can record 37,000 individual position data points, and the data can be download remotely. The units can be integrated into vehicles and historical position data can be remotely downloaded without physically touching the transmitter unit. The transmitter can provide past position information even when the unit was out of range of the base station. Downloaded data can be played back or converted to NMEA for export to other programs.

Live GPS Tracking 900 megahertz, 140 milliwatt starter package, everything you need to get up and running. Includes 1 receiver, 1 transmitter, 1 battery pack, all antennas, tracking software and cables.


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