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GPS cube datalogger


Our Price: $695.00

* Sample / low quantity pricing shown, please enquire for volume pricing.

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GPS datalogger

Product Overview

The GPS Cube is a miniature GPS datalogger / gps tracker system measuring only 63 x 57 x 35mm and powered from a single 9V battery. By using careful power management combined with a movement detection system it gives up to one week of typical tracking using standard a 9V Alkaline battery and up to one month using a 9V Lithium battery. Rechargeable NiMH batteries may also be used to reduce operating costs.

The unit features magnetic mounting and is provided in a weather resistant metal enclosure. Transfer of logged data is performed using the supplied infrared adapter (requires free RS-232 serial port) and the software supplied allows downloading and configuration of the unit. This product comprises a 'starter kit' including the following items:

Main GPS datalogger unit Active antenna with magentic base 9V alkaline battery Serial to infrared adapter CD-ROM containing documentation and software Additional hex screws and hex 'allen' key

Some example applications for the GPS Cube datalogger include:

  • Covert GPS tracker and law enforcement
  • Commercial vehicle monitoring and driver performance monitoring
  • Bus and passenger vehicle timetable validation
  • Athlete and sporting performance monitoring
  • Staff travel recording and route optimization
  • Recreational sport and leisure - motorsport, cycling, gliding etc.
  • Livestock and animal tracking and management

    When the GPS Cube is in standby mode current consumption is around 150uA giving months of standby time even with a cheap rechargable battery. The unit can be programmed to wakeup when movement is detected which enables the GPS receiver. The GPS receiver uses less than 40mA in fullgps tracker mode and can be programmed to go back to sleep after a defined interval. By using this method battery power is not wasted while the target object isn't moving and extended battery life is possible.

    Complex triggers may also be defined so that only required data is logged to memory. Many comparable products only allow a logging interval to be specified. The GPS Cube for example may be programmed to only log a position every 30 seconds during certain times of day while the vehicle is moving above 10Km/h. Eight different triggers with up to eight different trigger conditions may be defined.

    Product photo and features

    GPS datalogger  
  • Fully self-contained GPS datalogger
  • Internal 16-channel GPS receiver
  • Less than 40mA in full GPS tracker mode
  • Movement detection system conserves power (<1mA) when object not moving
  • Performs temperature datalogging (not available on currently shipping revision - please enquire)
  • Supplied in a rugged metal enclosure with magnetic base for quick mounting
  • Features 256K FLASH memory for storage as standard
  • Very flexible software (supplied) configures logging and power save features
  • Wireless operation, uses infrared link to PC or PDA

  • Worldwide tracking Software: Fugawi Tracker - OEM Package with the mapping available as Europe, North America, Mexico, Africa, and can be used with various other sources for coverage anywhere in the world