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pcmcia cards for gps

pcmcia gps receiver
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Your Articles Welcome...

We are actively recruiting writers, and gps enthusiasts to become content providers and submitters. This is an opportunity to contribute articles about any aspect of GPS. Articles can be about issues which you are concerned about, or you could write about your own personal experiences.     

Here are a few guidelines...

  • Try to keep the articles around 1,000-2,000 words (web surfers have short attention spans). If you have longer pieces then send us an excerpt as a sample.
  • We're looking specifically for content related to GPS in some way.
  • Email your submission to the . We'll read it, review it, and if accepted, will create and post a web version within a month.
  • New articles are posted every month.
  • You will be emailed the web address of your article when it is posted.

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pcmcia card for gps
  • PCMCIA type II.
  • Lower power consumption design, 3.3-106mA / 38mA Trickle power.
  • High sensitivity receiver
  • Embedded with low noise-figure active antenna
  • Compatible and tested with all major maps and PDAs
  • External active antenna connector port
  • Providing true mobile handheld navigation solution
  • pc card gps specs