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GPS RF Tracking - Golf

The WorldTracker Radio Frequency GPS Tracking System.
Real-Time Tracking & Security For Golf Courses.

WorldTracker RF is a financially feasible solution for real-time tracking and vehcile managment. No cellular coverage required, no monthly service charges or set up costs. Panic buttons provide real-time emergency alert messaging notification. Greater booking and dispatching efficiency means more customers can be serviced overall, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, increased productivity and opportunities for profit and growth. View multiple vehicles simultaneously on one or several computer screen.

The system can track over 35 miles line of sight. For increased range simply use an additional receiver station as a repeater, doubling the coverage area. The system uses an advanced long range spread spectrum radio link to connect to all transmitter units in range.

Simultaneous multi-unit tracking. Easily keep track of multiple targets in remote locations. The advanced data stream enables multiple units to be tracked simultaneously with high security 256-bit AES encryption.

From the base station, the operator can query the transmitter units operating in the area, and all in range units will respond. Data can be saved to NMEA for export to other programs.


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