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GPS Glonass Navigation Receiver

For pricing and further information, please contact us at

Product Description
MG-3086E 24-channel GPS/GLONASS receiver provides continuous all-in-view navigation satellite tracking.

There are three modes of satellite tracking:

- The Mode I is system-primary and automatically selected: receiver channels track all GLONASS satellites in view, the rest channels track GPS satellites.

Other modes are available upon pilot selection:
-  Mode II: tracking of ail GLONASS satellites in-view;

-  Mode III: tracking of ail GPS satellites in view.
The digital receiver computes position, updates ten times a second,
measures position to 15 meters RMS, and measures velocity to O.1 m/s RMS

- GPS position and velocity sensing

The Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM), Required for Non-Precision Approach, Terminal and En Route stages of flight; The fault detection and exclusion algorithms (FDE) detect and remove erroneous measurements.

- providing digital interfacing

MG-3086E can use real time RTCM differential correction for GLONASS and GPS. Advanced Signal Processing techniques, such as Differential GNSS and Kinematics Carrier-Phase Tracking will allow GNSS systems to be certified for Category (CAT) I, II Precision Approaches in the future.

24-channel continuous tracking receiver. Three modes of tracking:
The Mode I is system-primary and automatically selected: tracking off all GLONASS satellites in view, free channels track GPS satellites.
Other modes are available upon pilot selection:
The Mode II: tracking off all GLONASS satellites in view; The Mode III: tracking off all GPS satellites in view.
LI frequency, CIA Code GLONASS and GPS, digital processing (W AASIEGNOS in future)
Four-dimensional navigation
Expanded digital interfacing capabilities.

Physical Characteristics
(!) Dimensions: 87.6 x 57.2 x 15mm
(!) Weight: < 100 g
(!) Connectors: 30 pin for digital, MMCX for antenna

(!) On-board power supply accepts any unregulated voltage between 6V and 25V
(!) On-board back up battery saves data for about lO years
Typical power consumption is 1.5W

Environmental Operating: -40 C to +80 C Storage: ~O C to +85 C
High shock and vibration resistance
(!) Two high speed (115.2 Kbps )standard RS232 Serial Ports
(!) NMEAO 183
(!) 1 PPS output (TTl) synchronized to GPS, UTC, or GI0NASS, < 40ns

Position: 10 meters RMS Altitude: 15 meters RMS
Velocity: 0.1 m1s RMS (steady-rate)
Time: Universal Coordinated Time to the nearest microsecond
Update rate: Up to 10 Hz update rate for real time position and raw data (code and carrier)
Acquisition time Hot Start: <30 s Cold Start: <150 s Reacquisition: <1 s
Dynamics Velocity: 2000 m1s Altitude: up to 40 km Acceleration: 20G Jerk: 10 Gis

No less 20000 h

Product Image

GPS/GLONASS receiver