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Fugawi Tracker 4
Versatile PC Software for Asset Tracking (OEM)


▪ Affordable GPS tracking software (requires separate GPS and communications hardware)
▪ PC based, user-friendly
▪ Real-time vehicle location reporting
▪ Effective for most raster digital map data (imported or scanned sources)
▪ Polling on a pre-determined schedule (with select communications systems only)
▪ Versatile third-party communications options (see details below)
▪ The program provides data in changes in location and patterns of the vehicle, which can be studied and monitored. Applications include personal security tracking, fleet management, industrial site asset control, and more.

FUGAWI TRACKER is an affordable software that can track vehicles, boats, planes and people. It lets you be there when you can't be there. FUGAWI TRACKER can track multiple assets. Each remote vehicle, boat or plane will have their location indicated on a map at the base, as well as their heading and speed. The asset can be found on the map by clicking on the name and more detailed information about a remote asset can also be found just by clicking on it.


FUGAWI TRACKER can handle any number of assets and is licensed according to the number of targets that are being tracked. For further information, please contact us at

FUGAWI TRACKER can handle any number of assets and is licensed according to the number of targets that are being tracked. Licenses available for 1, 3, 10 or more assets

Track and Display Assets:

▪ Track multiple targets
▪ Save track and route history
▪ Review asset data such as speed and heading
▪ View real-time asset vehicle location
▪ The location of each remote vehicle, boat, plane, or other asset is indicated on the map on your local computer
▪ Customize the icon representation of each asset as well as the track styles and colors
▪ Information such as heading and speed are available, in metric, statute or nautical, as well as the ability to save this data for later analysis and reporting
▪ Active and inactive tracks can be viewed and analyzed with unique line symbols and colors
▪ Create customized maps as needed from scanned paper maps or other digital sources
▪ Use a wide variety of maps depending on needs and location


Map formats:

Choose base maps from a wide variety of affordable map sources including:

▪ S-57 nautical charts (e.g. NOAA ENC®, Army Corps iENC)
▪ Navionics Gold, Gold+, Silver, Fish'N'Chip and HotMaps® nautical charts
▪ BSB Version 1 through 5 raster nautical charts (NOAA RNC™, MAPTECH™, NDI DigitalOcean™, Fugawi, GPS GmbH)
▪ Softchart charts (NOS/GEO)
▪ World maps and charts from the Fugawi collection (Fugawi Map of America, Fugawi Canada Maps, Fugawi World Maps)
▪ Fugawi Street Overlay™ and other Fugawi vector maps
▪ USGS DRG Topographic Maps and aerial photos
▪ ECW (including official Australian topo maps)
▪ SoftMap topo maps (No support for SoftMap Ver. 5)
▪ eTopo
▪ GeoGrid®
▪ Geotiff
▪ Chart Tiff maps and charts
▪ ADRG (Military format)
▪ CADRG (Military format)
▪ CIB (Military format)
▪ Swedish Government digital maps (optional extra upgrade)
▪ Any scanned map or raster map file in bmp, gif, jpg, png, pcx, or tif format (must know the map datum and coordinates for three points on the map or have a prepared JPR file)


Reporting & History:

▪ Each event or position received from the assets is saved to a database (Interbase)
▪ Built in tools allow queries
▪ Prepare customized reports detailing or filtering on almost any event data such as position, date, speed, errors, alarms, and more
▪ Customizable report generator - print reports or save report data to a file

Networked Database:

▪ Open database (Interbase) ensures that saved data is available and can be queried by external applications
▪ Run Tracker over a LAN/WAN network, with each PC sharing a common database
▪ Tools provided to archive and backup the database


Communication Protocols:

Use built-in communications functions to get GPS position data through a wide variety of commercially available communications systems including including GSM cellular, VHF or UHF radio, satellite and the Internet.

Other Features:

▪ View the map north-up, map-up, or course-up
▪ Loads appropriate map from your own digital map library
▪ Choose from imperial, metric, or nautical display units
▪ Day, dusk and night vision display
▪ Determine Sunrise and Sunset for any location and date
▪ Display latitude/longitude, UTM, or other region specific grid lines
▪ Supported map projections include: Mercator (most nautical charts), Universal Transverse Mercator (many topographical maps), Transverse Mercator, Equidistant Cylindrical, Sinusoidal, Lambert Conformal Conic, Cassini, Swiss Grid, Gauß Krüger, Wagner IV, Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area, Polyconic, Bonne
▪ Supports grids from: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, UK Ordnance Survey, Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and UTM.
▪ Distance and bearing measurement tool


System Requirements:

▪ Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP, or NT4
▪ 500 MHz processor or better
▪ 256 MB RAM
▪ 250 MB free on HD
▪ CD Drive
▪ DVD drive for Bonus Data Pack
▪ 256 color display or better (graphics accelerator recommended for 3D viewing)
▪ Mouse or other pointing device
▪ In addition, each asset to be tracked requires a GPS receiver and a method of communicating the GPS position to the base computer.

Software Pricing
Fugawi Tracker 4 is licensed according to the number of assets that are being tracked and the number of networked “base” PC’s it is running on. The price list is available on request.
Note that the prices do not include the hardware devices, which are dependent on the communication option chosen, or any software development costs that may be required to allow your hardware to communicate with Tracker via the Fugawi Tracker TCP/IP protocol.