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FUGAWI mapping software

FUGAWI is a complete navigational system that makes powerful use of the extraordinary GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM. With FUGAWI, you easily create accurate digital maps from any scanned map or existing map database (ie. BSB MARINE CHARTS or USGS TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS). Then, in real-time navigation mode, your exact position is displayed on the map as you move and new maps are automatically loaded as you travel to new areas.
The FUGAWI GPS program includes:
  • USA Streets
  • US Nautical Planning Charts
  • Set-Up CD


Also Available with Canada Streets:
* Canada Streets
* Nautical Planning Charts
* Set-Up CD


  • For available European Streets Click here and go to the Digital Maps page.

Use FUGAWI with any of these:
 a laptop, or;
 a gps receiver

fugawi for laptop or pda
  • Use any Map, nautical navigation, street navigation, topographic or aeronautical.
  • Use any GPS Receiver
  • Street Address look-up
  • Additional street maps available for Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden.
  • Click here for nautical charts.
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP or NT 4.0
  • 486 processor or better
  • 16mb RAM
  • 256 color display or better
  • 30mb on hard drive
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • Serial port for GPS receiver (Will also work with PCMCIA serial port emulation or USB with serial adapter USB)
  • CD ROM for USA map data (or 650mb on hard drive)
  • Program provided on CD

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