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Compact Flash CF GPS

CF GPS receiver With SD memory slot


GPS receiver with Compact Flash type I / mini-1394 interfaces and built-in active antenna for high sensitivity to tracking signal. Based on the SiRF star III Ultra high sensitive chip set and supports all functions (Single Sat updates in reduced visibility, Superior urban canyon performance, Foliage Lock for weak signal tracking, etc.). Well suited to system integration and users who use any kinds of mobile devices, such as, PDA, notebook PC, Tablet PC, etc. It satisfies a wide variety of applications for car navigation, personal navigation or touring devices, tracking and marine navigation purpose. Users can simply plug it into a PDA or other type of handheld PC running with suitable mapping and routing software for navigation.

On the side there is a SD memory slot. User can insert the SD memory card containing the mapping software so that the GPS data and the map data can be accessed simultaneously via the Compact Flash interface from the host device like, PDA, laptop PC, etc.

After the proper driver installed, with the SD memory card inserted, as soon as user plug the Compact Flash interface, there will be a folder created from host device.

Besides using it as a complete GPS solution, this can also be a SD card reader in CF interface. One can store any file into any standard SD memory card and the file can be read or written via the Compact Flash interface.

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  Tech Specs




Compact Flash type 1 & Mini-1394



Baud Rate:

4800, N, 8, 1

Max. Update Rate:

1 Hz




20 channel


L1, 1575.42MHz

Hot Start:

3 ~ 6 sec. Average

Warm Start:

34 sec. Average

Cold Start:

46 sec. Average

Reacquisition Time:

100 ms

Position Accuracy:

7m 2D RMS, SA off

Maximum Altitude:


Maximum Velocity:



DC 3.3V+- 10%

Power consumption:

90mA continuous mode

Antenna Type:

Built-in active antenna

External Antenna Connector:

MMCX (Optional)




65 (L) x 48 (W) x 25 (H)mm


116 (L) x 48 (W) x 22 (H)mm

LED Indicator:

3D Positioning (blinking) or Searching GPS (on)

Operating Temperature:

-40 to + 80

Storage Temperature:

- 55 to + 85

Operation Humidity:

95%, Non- Condensing


Acquisition: -149 dbm
Tracking: -159 dbm


LED indicators:

LED off

Receiver switch off

LED flashing

3D Position Fixed

LED on

Signal searching


Package Includes:

1. Multi-Mode Foldable GPS receiver with SD slot unit

2. Male Mini-1394 to PS/II connecting cable

3. Carrying pouch

4. Mini CD (containing user Manual CD)

5. User Manual



gps bundles


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