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Anywhere Sentinel GPS
The Best GPS Solution for your Laptop or PDA
Photo of Anywhere Sentinel GPS

Anywhere Sentinel, the new GPS from the makers of AnywhereMap, adds GPS mapping to your laptop or PocketPC handheld device without clumsy cabling, while taking up less space in your flight bag (or cockpit) than a traditional portable handheld GPS.

The Sentinel is a powerful 12-channel GPS that plugs directly into the FLASH RAM slot on a Compaq iPAQ Pocket PCs. The Anywhere Sentinel GPS also includes an external antenna.

You can also use the Sentinel with a wide range of other portable devices:

  • Compaq iPaq Pocket PCs using Compact Flash Jacket for iPaq (or the PC Card Jacket, with a PCMCIA adapter).
  • HP Jornada 560-series Pocket PCs, using the built-in CF Slot.
  • PCMCIA-enabled Laptops, with a PCMCIA Adapter.

In addition to being exceptionally portable (adding just a 1 7/8" x 7/8" x 2 1/8" bulge to your existing computing device), the GPS itself is powerful, offering 12-channel reception for quick acquisition and WAAS reception for the highest levels of accuracy.

While the GPS is powered off your PDA or laptop and includes an internal antenna capabile of making a 3-D position fix in less than 2 minutes, an internal lithium ion battery and an auxiliary external antenna both help to speed satellite capture.

Use the Sentinel with AnywhereMap software for PocketPCs or Notebooks to create aviation's most powerful and most portable navigation solution.

Add Pocket Streets Software (included with Microsoft's Streets & Trips 2002) and get the full benefit of GPS navigation even during those times when you must drive there instead of flying.


  • 12 parallel channel receiver.
  • Wireless - Plugs into Compact flash slot.
  • WAAS-enabled to enhance the accuracy of the GPS positioning.
  • Swivel antenna head for optimal reception with built in antenna.
  • Internal Lithium Battery.
  • Powered by iPAQ PDA (Battery life 1-2 hours on iPAQ battery).
  • Fast TTFF (Time To First Fix).
  • Uses true NMEA data protocols.
  • External Antenna included for use when necessary.
  • Includes carrying case.