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harpppon gps tracker


Watercraft GPS Tracking


Gain peace-of-mind with HarpoonGPS, the boating industry's first GPS-based active recovery solution and incorporates the new Blackline Recovery Service. If an unauthorized individual moves your watercraft outside an automatically-configured GPS security perimeter, Blackline Recovery Service personnel work with the authorities for you to speed its recovery if your watercraft is stolen.

HarpoonGPS's real-time GPS tracking allows you to see where your watercraft is at any moment. Share your HarpoonGPS’s location to others and let them share in your boating adventures.



▪ Security alerting Notifies you of security threats via email and text messages (SMS) to any mobile phone

▪ Real-time GPS tracking Tells you where your watercraft is, anytime

▪ Motion-sense alerting Notifies you of watercraft tampering (email & text message)

▪ GPS security perimeter monitoring Alerts you if your watercraft leaves without you

▪ Internal 2-day backup battery Ensures operation if your watercraft's battery is disconnected


  units @ $389

For subscriptions or for volume pricing discounts and further information, please contact us at

or fax 416-769-2512



▪ Marine watercraft tracking


Included In The Box:
▪ GPS watercraft security device
▪ 1 MyPass automatic arming & disarming wireless keyfob
▪ Floater to protect keyfob
▪ Installation guide
▪ Getting started guide




  Tech Specs



Size & weight

  • Length: 11.1 cm L , 6.3 cm W, 2.1 cm T (4.3” L X 2.4” W X 0.8” T)

  • Weight: 85 g, 3.0 oz


  • Operating temperature: -20C to +55C (-4F to +131F)

  • Storage temperature: -30C to +75C (-22F to +167F)

  • Humidity: 100% condensing

  • Ingress protection level: IP65

Buttons, indicator lights & connector:

  • Green power / wireless connection indicator light (LED)

  • Security arm/disarm button

  • Red security arm indicator light (LED)


  • GSM/GPRS: Quad-band (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHZ)

  • Always-on connection

  • 2-way communication enables real-time tracking & remote arm and disarm

Security Alerts (via email & SMS text message):

  • GPS Security perimeter alert

  • On-backup battery notification (power disconnect from watercraft)

Notifications (via email & SMS):

  • Low watercraft battery notification

  • Low internal battery notification

  • On-network notification, off-network notification


  • 20-channel GPS receiver

  • Industry-leading UltimateSense GPS antenna technology: Makes the most of weak GPS coverage

Tracking performance:

  • Real-time tracking turnaround time: 20 seconds typical

  • Continuous tracking turnaround time: 5 to 10 seconds per location after the first location

  • Location accuracy: <5 m outdoors typical, <150 m indoors typical

Power & battery:

  • Power connection: built-in 2-conductor power cable (2m)

  • Power system compatibility: 12 VDC and 24 VDC nominal systems

  • Input voltage range: 10 to 36 VDC

  • Internal backup battery (rechargeable Li-polymer)

  • Internal backup battery standby time: 2 days

  • Internal battery charger: Yes

Computer Requirements:

  • PC Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari

  • Mac Web browsers: Safari, Firefox

Mobile phone requirements:

  • Mobile alerting: Any mobile phone supporting SMS (text message)

  • Remote SMS tracking interface


  • 1-year limited


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