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Sonocaddie Golf GPS v300

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With a new colour screen, and using the most advanced high-tech GPS satellite system, Sonocaddie calculates the distance from any point on the course to the green or any other target and much more. The ergonomic V300 series fits right in the palm of your hand and its friendly interface helps you manage the way - to a better score!

Sonocaddies give excellent value in personal GPS golf solutions. The VX2 greyscale screen, for instance, offers 15,000 courses in the world - for free download! This new Sonocaddie V300 colour screen model is designed with a flexible membership package, which also can be free, depending on your use!

Over 15,000 courses worldwide (10,000 in US) courses are on the Sonocaddie web site. Sonocaddie will also upload any course on request, or golfers can very easily add a course by walking or driving, and at each target, hazard, and green permanently mark the spot with a touch of a button, in less than 3 minutes per hole. From then on, the Sonocaddie always knows the yardage from that spot.


Size 108 x 58.3 x 28.4mm (4.3" x 2.3" x 1.1")
Weight 140g (4.95 oz)
Storage Stores up to 30 golf courses, 100 scorecard
Power Rechargeable battery/ Up to 15 hours
Display 2.2" High-Resolution Color LCD w/ Backlight
Language Support English
Waterproof YES, IPX6
Regulation CE, FCC, WEEE, RoHS Compliance
Antenna Built-in antenna

Internet Required
Membership Required



Sonocaddie v300 - YardageYardage Guide with Course Layout

Sonocaddie provides golfers with precise distance information from any point on the course. Sonocaddie's revolutionary user interface actually shows YOUR position on the golf course in real time! As you move to the next stroke location, your position is shown, and the distances to each critical target are continually updated.

Sonocaddie v300 - Green ViewGreen View

Sonocaddie displays the distance to the green from any point on the course, even without a clear line of sight, helping you to minimize poor shot selections.

Sonocaddie v300 - DistanceDistance Calculator

Are you curious about your driving distance? Here is a solution for you: by using Sonocaddie's Mark function you will have a quick and precise yardage in your hand. Simply press one button before/after taking the shot, then walk to the landed ball you will see the result. The Mark function, of course, may not only be used for the driver but for every other club as well. It really provides you with an excellent tool to know your distance for every club you use.

Sonocaddie v300 - Digital ScorecardDigital Scorecard and Game Analysis

Replace your paper scorecard. The Sonocaddie will automatically calculate the total score with the simple touch of a button, so you will easily know how you did on the front 9 and the back 9 holes. At the end of eighteen, Sonocaddie will present a summary of your round, even analyze statistics and the score with calculated rational and percentage.

Sonocaddie v300 - PersonalizePersonalized Course Information

What golfers love about Sonocaddie is that they can make changes or corrections to the reference points right on the spot. You may change the given course information, and add or delete some of the reference points as the course may change over time.

Sonocaddie v300 - Track your game

Track Your Game

Sonocaddie can record locations for each shot right on the screen, and can automatically trace waypoints during the round. The information can be stored to Sonocaddie so you may review the round and each shot at a later date.

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